Supergirl TV show on CBS


I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not, but why does Superman look like he has 5:00 shadow going on?


Hasn’t learned the “eye-lasers-off-the-bathroom-mirror-to-shave-impervious-facial-hair” trick yet, and just relies on the occasional full-body engulfing in atomic fire or whatever comes up in his night job.

Also, he looks just a little bit like a serious Buzz Lightyear.


Hmm. Superman looking more like a welterweight than a heavyweight.

It’s also interesting that their S’s are slightly different, given that it’s supposed to be a Kryptonian house crest, which you’d think be consistent.


That’s clearly the fault of pitiful, limited humans making their suits for them. It’s like getting two different small-town self-trained tattoo artists to scrawl BRAVE WANDERER in Kanji somewhere on your person, I assume.


I sorta wish they could have got Tom Welling to do the part, Smallville was so much fun to watch back in the day.


So what’s the net on Season 1, guys? Worth watching?


Ug. That’s a tough call. I’d say it’s worth watching just for Benoist and a bit of Flockhart. But you’ll be gritting your teeth for much of it.


The Flash crossover episode is mostly worth watching, at least.


The show isn’t consistently great, but Benoist is, so yes.


Hah, that’s eerie now that you point it out!


Hmmm … thanks guys. Maybe treadmill fodder in the fall, then.

My mind immediately said “3d rendered character” when I looked at that image, and now I know why. He’s sort of an uncanny valley Buzz Lightyear.


It’s excessively cheesy, schmaltzy, and saccharine. The plot is encumbered by CW-esque love polygons and stories are routinely wrapped up by the power of love. Everyone is far too TV beautiful and everything is lit like the cover of Home and Garden monthly.

Despite all that, the answer to your question is unequivocally yes, in my book, at least.


Yeah, the whole is better than the sum of the parts. Or something.

Watch the Flash crossover episode, at least.



So much this.

And all of this. Benoist just kills it, and is, shall we say, adorkable.


I could watch this scene over and over. What did someone say on Twitter? “I want someone to look at me the way Supergirl looks at ice cream.”


Cat Grant to return–sort of.

Looks like Flockhart did indeed decide not to make the move to follow the now Vancouver-based production, so she’ll instead be appearing “as she’s available.” I’m glad the character’s still around, but I’ll actually miss having her as a guaranteed-every-episode presence. I’m curious how the show will adapt to the limitation–just do less in the office, or shift the relationship between the two permanently somehow?


I’m disappointed too. I mean, glad to still have her in some capacity, but disappointed she won’t be around as much.


It already shifted at the end of the last season. If you recall, Kara was promoted to a new position, and was no longer working directly under Cat. Ostensibly still reporting in to her, but in a similar fashion to other employees. Given the recent casting news, my guess is that Cat gets an editor that places her yet another step removed from the reporters under her.


Ahhhh yeah, that’s right, that’s right. Still, she’s always been such a hands-on boss, it’ll definitely take something like your second sentence to make it “make sense.”


I smell a few video conference scenes in the future…