Supergirl TV show on CBS


Maybe Cat will be sucked into a Kryptonian crystal and become a hologram that harangues Kara on a regular basis.

Imagine if Obi Wan’s Force ghost was always yelling at Luke. Maybe he wouldn’t be so whiny.


Supposedly, Joss Whedon is on lock to direct the Supergirl/Flash crossover:


Don’t know how big of deal that really is. A director on TV is very different than a movie. TV directors don’t have say over the script, or final editing since that all the control of the Show Runner/executive producer. Also they are coming into something were the tone is already set. Kevin Smith has done one or two episodes of The Flash but nobody would have ever known unless told which one it was I’d bet.


It’s the one with Mewes. :p


Yeah, that beard shadow is nuts. He looks like red kryptonite Superman from Superman III.


shrug In that universe, Supes doesn’t wanna shave as much.


If I had to shave with kryptonite every day, I’d let a little stubble once in awhile too.


I still say he looks like a factory reject Buzz Lightyear doll… But I’m also mega pumped for the new season!


Doesn’t Supes use his laser vision to shave?


Maybe Benoist is tall, but the new Superman just doesn’t look as “solid” as most of the other recent Superman actors (including Reeves). Heck, he’s almost wire-y compared to most of them.


No thanks.

He looks much closer to Terrance Stamp as Zod than Superman.


He looks like the weird comic guy that told Don he’s garbage in Mad Men.


I’ve been watching this show the last few nights on Netflix. I have to say, you people were right. Benoist is ultra-charming and just so gosh-darned earnest! I’d go so far as to say Supergirl has a power superman lacks: the Winning Smile.


Folks, this little peak at both Superman and Supergirl together looks REALLY fun.


Same video? (Been avoiding Facebook.)


Nope, different.


Ohhhh, hadn’t seen this one! Thanks!


New season tomorrow (on the CW, obviously). Superman included!


Super pumped!!!

I’m a little sad by some of the formula changes the network swap’s probably going to necessitate, but I remain hopeful that the charming, goofy heart of the show beats on as strong as ever.

I mean, Benoist is still onboard, so the above is more or less a given, but ya know, I just wanted to contribute.


such as…?
Apart from Cat not being around as much, I’m not sure what changes might be coming? Seems like the rights situation regarding Superman are easier with closer ties to WB, but apart from that I don’t see much that might require changing to suit the new network. Perhaps they’re going to focus more on her relationship melodrama?