Supergirl TV show on CBS



Man, this show really went downhill.



Don’t jinx it Tom, nooo you jinxed it, there will be repercussions…




Might help, last episodes were cringe worthy, If only Tom had kept his trap shut


DVR set - can’t wait for this



Melissa Benoist, you ARE the hero America needs.


So. Adorable.


This might be the most adorable actress I’ve ever seen. Even when she’s stern and frowny faced you just wanna pinch her cheek and give her a hug. I hope Hollywood doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence her.

I’m not sure what to think, it looks like we are getting a TV Justice League movie, but without the Big 3. So when this AT&T deal goes through, a phone company will own Superman, right? It would be fun to see an actual Justice League show someday with a lighter tone. Perhaps not this light. But somewhere in between this and “I Hate Superman” Snyder.

Perhaps Josh Whedon could run the show. Bring that tone and wit to a Justice League show! He can throw a Buffy cameo in there.


A million times this. I was totally prepared to hate the show, but she made it work (along with the writers being so self-aware).


So is there any way to see the first episode of this season without stealing it? I missed it and I suspect missed a lot. I looked at the on demand episodes on cable but this show is not included. Are the real time streaming rights and VOD rights seperately negotiated with cable? It’s kinda annoying if so.


Try the CW app maybe? That’s how I watched it, though that was just a couple of days after it first aired. Dunno if they’ve taken it down for some reason.


you can watch them here:

Unfortunately they only keep 5 episodes up at a time and as of today, they have shown 6. Episode 2-6 are still up but 1 is now gone. #2 will probably be gone tomorrow.


You can still buy individual episodes the day after they air via iTunes or Amazon.


Ok I’ll probably Amazon that one ep. Or wait a few months till it comes out on Netflix. We live in a golden age for ease of watching shit, don’t we?


Current CW deal is that their complete seasons will now show up in Netflix something like a week after the final episode of the season airs, FYI.


I just caught up with the ep that introduces the crossover episodes, and I have a question: if the virus from the Medusa Project was supposed to kill all non-Kryptonians, wouldn’t that also kill humans? I think Cadmus didn’t think their plan through very well.


So I’m still watching this, though not keeping up with it weekly. The DVR queues up a few episodes, and when I have a free evening I catch up. Got caught up to the latest episode tonight. The aliens are still kinda cheesy and there’s a ton of emotional angst that is totally not my style, but in this particular show it works for me. Benoist is a large part of that, she makes the most incredibly dumb lines still work somehow.

They’re not exactly taking pains to hide their political leanings, either. Everything from a female president (also an alien) to invading aliens coming to “make the planet great” to cracks by villains about Supergirl’s politics. Most of us on this forum are sympathetic, and I’m no exception, but even I was cringing a little each time they made a political reference. Not exactly what I’m looking for in my escapist SF/fantasy TV.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy watching. Season finale next week. Since the CW picked up season 3 back in January, they have freedom to end in a cliff-hanger if they want. I’m guessing we’ll see something similar to season 1, with the big storyline wrapped up but some kind of teaser (like the spacepod at the end of season 1).


I’ve stayed current, and I really really liked this week’s episode.

Politically, I’m in the “very conservative but let’s launch Trump into the sun” camp. I imagine a Trump supporter might get bent out of shape at a few of the references, but mostly I don’t think it’s that politically charged. I cringe a little just because it’s slightly corny to directly lift lines from the news or political sound bites (especially when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done the exact same thing but better this year), but when it comes to the issues themselves, I think they’re handling it really well. It’s obviously influenced heavily by current events, but I think there’s enough fantasy to it that it’s enjoyable no matter which way you lean.

I don’t care for Teri Hatcher as an actress, but her character has been a decent foil for the second half of the season. And almost everyone’s in a romantic relationship now that wasted more time than was necessary to establish, but for the moment that’s all behind us, and the show’s probably the best it’s ever been.

And like I said, I really really liked this week’s episode. The opening invasion, obviously low budget as some of it was, was still a welcome action piece. It’s great to see them attempt something like a full scale alien invasion.


Awesome finale this week too. I think Supergirl ended the best of the four CW shows this year.

It’s a shame Cat Grant’s return won’t be an ongoing thing (no, she’s not going to be a series regular again next year, just a guest for a few episodes again). And I’d grown to really like Mon-El, so I’m sad to see him leave (though I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring him back at some point). So there are some question marks for where this episode leaves us for the future (a theme for CW finales, actually), but in its own right it was an awesome, action packed conclusion to a pretty solid season.