Supergirl TV show on CBS


Just goes to show you how different people view the same thing. I thought that the season was a major step back for the show. The whole relationship of the weak garbage was, well garbage. Hey look, arent we edgy! We have lesbians in love. Human and aliens in love, aliens from different worlds in love and aliens from the same world who are having race wars in love. That whole thing was so gawdawful heavy handed it made me want to shoot the tv. The series finale was one big deus ex machina and one that didn’t even make sense. They have no problem entering the daxam ships, any time they wanted to. So instead of poisoning the Earths atmosphere in a way that oh so conveniently only affected Daxamites, why didn’t they make a bunch of small dispersion devices and port them into every ship? Or use them as weapons against the invasion force? And how in hell, if the Daxamites are so deadly allergic to lead did they even managed to pull of an invasion, in America where we have more lead flying around than anywhere else in the universe? There were a million better ways to use the Daxamite lead weakness against them but instead hey let’s pollute earths atmosphere. The only reason for that was to break up Kara and Mon El. The writers of that finale were lazy. Nope it wasn’t awesome it was crap.


I had so many problems with this episode. Like I said, it’s the weakest writing of all the shows, so many strange things happen for now reason. Why was Cat Grant moving back into her new office? Is she staying full time? No scene where she demotes Jimmy? And speaking of, did he every do anything as the CEO of a major company? Also, speaking of Jimmy some more, where the hell was Guardian during the final sequence with everyone fighting off the aliens? And how on earth does Teri Hatcher keep fighting Supergirl in hand to hand to a damned stand-still? Mon-El isn’t nearly as strong as her? And don’t say “well she had Kryptonite blood!” because she never had that previously, it’s effects were only apparent when she started bleeding, and that’s the dumbest conceit since The Phantom Menace. Argh.

I could go on, so many strange little inconsistencies. I don’t really need much to shrug stuff like that aside, but the Supergirl writers rarely even care to try.


Way too much super-people trading punches in that finale for my taste. I like that stuff on the big screen with big budgets, not so much on TV where all they can afford is the occasional pyrotechnics and not-particularly-impressive CGI.

Supergirl is this weird combination of cheesy love drama and Saturday morning cartoon. The former gives us stuff like human/alien/lesbian/ancient enemies falling in love, and the latter gives us terrible plot holes that just get waved away. On the other hand, the former also gives us (in my opinion) the occasional really touching moment, and with the latter we have fun comic-book characters coming to life. Whether you like it or not is pretty much entirely a matter of whether you enjoy the good parts enough to overlook all the bad.


True, and generally I do enjoy it.


Whereas I thought the Supergirl/Superman fight was awesome in context, and pretty good even if you don’t lower the bar for TV. The Teri Hatcher fight less so, but I blame her for that. On these CW shows I’m always glad to see them go for it, because I want that cartoon action. I’d rather have some effects that don’t measure up to Hollywood than a show that tries to write its way around big action or fights. I also give Flash a lot of credit in this area. The only time I really wished they just hadn’t even attempted something because of the quality of the results was the Gorilla City stuff in Flash this year. Grodd on his own works for me, but that arena of gorillas and the fight was just bad.


I want to watch a show where King Shark is the main character. That would probably be very expensive, but I need more King Shark in my life. Ooooh, he could be like a detective and wear a trench coat and fedora! And carry a note pad, but not a gun. Because he’s King Shark and wouldn’t need it. Man, a King Shark detective show would be incredible!


Not great news on the premiere ratings for this season. Though it seems most everything was down, so it may not be specific to Supergirl.

The episode itself was pretty much exactly what you’d expect, more or less par for the course. Personal drama, comic-book style over-the-top action bits, new season villain premier. Best bit was the Cat Grant-as-press-secretary unsubtle digs at Trump.


Yeah, tv in general is down, and shows that skew younger are streamed more and more often.


I didn’t like Surlygirl.


Was Lena Luthor’s accent this bad before?


Um … yes? I mean, she at least kinda sorta sounds like a person who is affecting a fake British accent to sound upper class. But I guess it’s harder than one might think to totally hide the Irish lilt.

edit - it should be noted that I like Katie McGrath in the role, voice and all


I like her too, I just didn’t remember her accent coming and going as frequently before.


Katie McGrath’s American accent has, objectively and without question, regressed between seasons. I thought perhaps they were just retconning her as Irish this season.


Wait when was she added to the show? I am 6 episodes from finishing season 1.

I recall Teri Hatcher being added to season 2, is she in season 3?


Season 2. Don’t worry - you won’t be able to miss her ;-)


I really think this show has become a guilty pleasure. The story is all over the place, and the effects last night were horrible (White Martians went flying before supergirl event made contact with he punches or kicks). Its really bad, yet I cant help but enjoy it. If I wasn’t a huge fan of Martian Man hunter, I would be assuming that my continued enjoyment would be the result of mind control, but I do have a fondness for MM, even if this version doesn’t regularly chomp on Oreo cookies…


I never, ever watch any thing live anymore. Only on demand. Which is why Netflix is so awesome, but always a season behind. I wonder if the new Star Trek will release on American Netflix like this as soon as the season ends.


My understanding is no, but organizations can change their minds anytime.

As an aside, if you’re in the US then you can get recent episodes for free on


No, cbs has US rights, Netflix international.


Yeah. It makes absolutely no sense for CBS to give it to Netflix in the US. It’s part of the CBS service’s backlog as an incentive to sign up.