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So they apparently couldn’t get Laura Benanti to play Kara’s mom anymore?

And the “single mom” of the 13-year old in episode 2 must have had the child when she was 10 or so. ;-)
EDIT: Although as it turns out, the actress is in her early 30s, but just looks 10 years younger.
EDIT the Second: removed superfluous “apparently”


(she just had a kid)


Thanks, and I see I shouldn’t post while watching TV because I threw an extra “apparently” in there for funzies.


They did replace her well - the new actress is Erica Durance (sp?) who played intrepid reporter Lois Lane on Smallville.


How do you replace someone’s mom and not have people notice? :O

I like Erica Durance, she was MIA a few years doing some doctor show on Canadian tv after Smallville ended.

I only have 3 episodes remaining of season 1 to watch!


Very carefully. But replace her you must, unless you never want to factor her into any of the narrative.


I don’t think the goal should be to escape notice. Rather, it should be to avoid confusion. Fortunately, the mom appears in such. Specific context that there’s little risk of that.


I was pretty happy to see Carl Lumbly as papa Martian in this week’s episode, good to hear the voice of Justice League’s Martian Manhunter again. And the classic car/lifeship was just cheesy enough to be funny. The CGI of the Martian fighting was pretty awful, though.

The Maggie-and-her-dad relationship bit was interesting. I was expecting that her dad’s reasons would be religious or based on cultural traditions. The idea of someone ostracizing a child because her life choices put her in the crosshairs of bigots makes no sense to me, but then, neither does the bigotry.


It’s unfortunate that

Maggie will be leaving in a week or two, as in like, no more Maggie/Alex, so we’ll get Super Depressed Sister Duo.



It’s crossover time again!

The Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving: The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow.


Just watched this weeks episode (or last weeks?). Did anyone catch the Chloe reference and the wall of weird? Total callout to smallville. I thought about it a bit and realized that this had to be another universe though, otherwise there would be a mention of a jr justice league with Bart as a speedster. Doesn’t fit, with what I remember of when Barry and Supergirl first met…


Yeah I caught that too. Cute. And the new teen-Supergirl was great casting.

But ugh, I kind of wish they’d written Alyx out of the show too once they realized they were losing Maggie. The relationship between Kara and Alyx from season one was interesting. Alyx was a badass DEO agent who was powerful and didn’t feel like she was in anyone’s shadow, but Kara and Alyx clearly loved each other and were always there for each other even through conflict. Stuff like having to kill Kara’s aunt was good drama.

I can’t put my finger on it, but nothing she’s done at the DEO or in her bond with Kara has lived up to that since, and to have her love interest leave the show after spending most of last year building that up leaves me with no reason left to be invested in the character. I hope they can overcome that, but at the moment I’m just bored with her.


They really nailed it on casting the younger Danvers sisters, and the guest actresses incorporated some of the mannerisms of the older characters as well. Nice work.


Yeah, I meant to call this out as well, just excellent work from both of those girls.


Finally, some Legion of Superheroes action! I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t Shady that they brought in as Mon-El’s new squeeze, but that’s a minor quibble. Should be fun when Imra starts reading minds.

The Reign story is moving along. I’m not yet convinced of Odette Annable’s super-person acting ability. She seems more suited to looking good than being a threatening super-menace, but I guess we’ll see soon what she’s got.


And Imra Ardeen is a brunette. What do DC movie/TV casting directors have against blonde comic characters? Both Barry Allens… Saturn Girl… Oliver Queen… At least they gave Jason Momoa blonde tips in JL and got Melissa Benoist to dye her hair.

Is Caity Lotz the only natural blonde actor they’ve hired?


I’m loving the crossover. Watched the first two from last night, and about to sit down to watch tonight’s two. Unlike last year, they used the whole Supergirl show this time, not just the last 30 seconds. So it’s pretty much a full-length movie when you count all four shows. Miles better than what’s being done in the DC movie team-up space. I think it’s pretty accessible even if you haven’t been watching the shows, though you might be confused occasionally when they take a minute to talk about the various personal relationship issues.

Best line in the first half: “Oliver in the High Castle!”
Honorable mention to Mick’s attempt to scare Caitlin into becoming Killer Frost.


Loved the crossover.

Loved, and was surprised by, Ray Palmer’s nod to Ms. Marvel when he “embiggened” his hand.

I think dead guy is going to reappear as head guy.


The crossover was fantastic, and incredible how they pulled it all together.

There were still some odd plot holes that seemed to exist only to shoe horn certain characters into the show, as if it was more important to everyone that every character be present in the episode, vs. having the writing come together well. I can’t decide if that really bothered me or not, so it must not have been a big deal.

The kids and I had a blast with this, four hours of non-stop roller coaster, and some fun b-stories got forward progress across all four shows, which was surprising and fun. I didn’t think anything that happened during the cross over would impact the main shows, but that was very much not the case and I couldn’t be more impressed/pleased by that.


Yeah, other than Supergirl every show had something major happen: marriage or death. And even with Supergirl, both Alex and Kara had some pretty hefty mind-games to deal with.