Supergirl TV show on CBS


Legends (I assume) got a interesting rival. A good snart lol


I watched two episodes of Supergirl last night- the Reign/Mon-El one and the crossover one. Re: the latter–why did they go with Overgirl instead of Übergirl? C’mon!
I mean, she’s supposed to be a space Nazi, right?


Probably just because that’s what DC has always called her in the comics.


I thought perhaps Stein would reappear as a voice in Jax’s head, as was the case in the comics for a period of time.

But alas, read that the actor left the show to do Hello, Dolly on Broadway.

So, now I’m guessing we’ll either see Robby come back (never saw a body) or a new partner.


So she’s a character from the comics. What a missed opportunity. BTW in the Earth-X timeline, the Nazis must have had some amazing medical technology, because according to Tom Cavanagh’s character, Hitler lived till 1994 (yikes), which would mean he was over 104 years old (he was born in 1889, IIRC).
Seeing Tom Cavanagh makes me remember how much I liked that Ed series that he was in. Julie Bowen was in it, as were Justin Long and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell.


Ugh, on one of the Earth-X episodes, someone actually said something to the effect that “the Calvary [sic] has arrived.” Really, the place where Jesus was crucified?


Mid-season finale was kinda unremarkable, in my opinion. Partly that’s because there’s a bunch of obvious setup for the second half conflicts, and partly because super-people fights are just so silly. They’re invulnerable! At least until they run out of budget and need to end it. Still, I’m looking forward to the resolutions in the second half after the new year.


I’m watching right now. Kind of surprised they’re keeping Mon-El and his futurewife around but I guess they had to generate drama somehow.

BTW what dimensional pocket did Jimmy Olsen pull that shield out of? It was like how Warner Brothers cartoon characters just produce stuff out of nowhere.

Finally, Odette Annable has a seriously beautiful face, but man does she need to eat more. She’s scary thin. Like “Audrey Hepburn in the mid-1960’s” thin.


I vaguely remember Wynn giving him some kind of super-tech expanding armband or something, back in the episodes where they were going out and doing the Guardian and man-in-the-van thing.

No complaints here! Between Odette and Amy Jackson, they’ve turned up the eye candy even by “everyone is gorgeous” CW show standards.


I enjoyed this read. Ready for the season to resume!


Thank you, that was a good read. I read Wheldon’s book just this past year, and the comparisons seem very apt.


Two more weeks. And an excellent read.


Is this season really better than the previous ones? I got a bit frustrated with the show during the second year. (Its always been a bit uneven, but the whole Jimmy the guardian storyline in particular just bugged me)


It’s still one of the worst written of the super hero shows, but I say that with affection for the show. Despite it’s strange choices (now The Guardian story bugs me in that they seem to have completely forgotten about it) it is a lot of fun, with some great moments and a lot of fun characters.

I guess it comes down to this; do you demand great writing in your TV, or do you watch shows for the characters and the drama/comedy? If it’s the former, then you will probably be annoyed by Supergirl.



Man, I’d love to see an actual Legion storyline. But are they just teasing us with that title?


Man, the writers on this show are slipping, or maybe the actor playing Jonn Jonnz (however you spell it) is, but I just heard him say that the villainess Reign “wants to teach us an abject [sic] lesson.” Who edits these scripts?


The writing on Supergirl has ever been it’s weakest point. Tons of crazy plot holes abound. But you watch Supergirl for the characters and set pieces, or at least I do, and my daughter loves is so I have something I can watch with her.


I haven’t watched yet this season. It’s piling up on the DVR. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most on Supergirl so far is that it always cuts loose with the superhero fights. I think there’s pretty good interaction between all the people on the show too, and I love the powerful women on there, but when they start throwing punches, no one holds back. That’s great, and it sets it apart from the other shows that way.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I like the show overall, but things like what I mentioned are just jarring. I can’t help it, I’m a language guy. There was something similarly egregious on the Legends of Tomorrow episode of the Space Nazis crossover event (I think I mentioned it upthread).


No, I hear you. I think they need to respect their audience more and not feel like they have to telegraph everything through dialogue too. TV watchers, even teens, are way smarter than they were even five, ten years ago. Trust them to get it.