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What do they have against the Legion colors? Imra isn’t blonde, Brainy isn’t green. Maybe I’m glad they didn’t being Shady with them, what would she be, pink?

OK, got that out of my system. The Legion-Reign fight was pretty good as far as these things go. This Imra is a telekinetic rather than a telepath, apparently. And the personal-realizations-in-a-coma seems like a nice way to dig Kara out of the funk she was in for the first half of this season.


I do like how the intro to the show this season adds Kara saying she was a refugee, just to get people to think.



Someone should update the thread title, I just realized…


Caught up on the last few weeks. There’s still several more episodes since they took that midseason break. The plot is fairly meh, as usual, but there have been some great character moments. The racist cops thing with Guardian was particularly good, I thought. All the stuff with Jonn and his father works well, too.


Woohoo! I need the sunniness/optimism of Supergirl to offset the grimdark pessimism/misanthropy of Gotham.


Watched last night’s Supergirl and noticed that the Mom character is no longer played by Laura Benanti. I gather this current actress had a role on Smallville?
I guess Ms Benanti is too busy doing comedic impressions of Mrs. Trump. ;-)


She’s also on a crazy comedy sitcomey type show called “Detour” with Sam Bee’s husband.


Yeah that is Erica Durance, she was Lois Lane on Smallville. :)


Yep, Erica Durance. She played Lois Lane in Smallville.


Can’t for the life of me figure out why Supergirl recorded its Monday night episode on my TiVo just last night. I don’t think it recorded anything in particular on Monday night. Maybe there was special coverage of the NK summit on the CW on Monday night (I’m in Portland and thus on PDT).


Season 4 getting the celebs! My shame is still great for not finishing season 1, which is still on my DVR. Once I finish it, whats the best way to catch up on Season 2 and 3?

Brent Spiner and Rhona Mitra added to the show with reoccurring roles.


I’ve watched mostly on the CW app, but I think they expire the episodes after a while so you may be too late for that. I believe all three seasons are on Netflix now, since it’s been a while since the last season ended. That’s probably your best bet.


I don’t know if this should be in this thread or one of the various “What the fuck WB\DC” threads. Feels like it belongs in both at the same time. Because, wtf.

As with The Flash, DC has decided they want to big screen treatment a character that’s doing well for them on TV -

Naturally, I doubt they’ll get Melissa Benoist on the screen, as with The Flash. Which is a shame; she’s not only great in the role, but she’s become a wonderful role model to a lot of people. Sidelining her (again, not confirmed as far as I know, this is my assumption) is disappointing. Unless, maybe, it just means another chance for someone to become another symbol, as Wonder Woman did. Maybe two Supergirls could be a good thing in these times. I dunno.


You doubt that they’ll get her for the movie role because she’s too big a deal now, or that they won’t cast her because she’s not a big enough name? Or just because she’s too busy?


I doubt they’ll cast her because they didn’t cast Grant Gustin in the role for the movie universe. They consider them separate universes (which they clearly are), but I think it’s confusing for audiences, and probably a bit disappointing for those who are making a splash as the character on television.

In Gustin’s case it was particularly egregious, because they announced casting for the film version like a day or two after the TV show premiered to great numbers. So the show was happy, talking about how great they were doing, and suddenly it was all “Yeah, but this guy will be Flash on the big screen. TV? What’s that?”

They’re just weirdos over there.


Yep. The guy running the TV universe, Greg Berlanti, gets it. Everyone else there simply does not or has no power to do anything right


No Legends this year, although that doesn’t mean none of those characters will show up. For sure, though, we’ll see Batwoman for the first time in December.


Been catching up on this season, and wanted to drop in to say that it’s pretty cool that they’ve got a trans actress playing a trans character. They’re not beating us over the head with it, but it came up briefly in one conversation thus far and seemed to fit reasonably well.

And the whole background of Agent Liberty episode was great. Thought it really captured the gradual descent to extremism.


I really want to second and highlight this! It shows how a compassionate thoughtful thinking person can embrace extremes and nationalism- per se.

I really was surprised how well they handled the subject, though some of his other decisions felt tacked on to his new way of thinking without exploring how he got to justifiing them.


OK the last episode really annoyed me big time. It was like one constant slew of jarring logic leaps, Nia Nal who is transgender, but she is getting powers because her race’s females gain powers sometimes? wha…? J’onn J’onzz MacGuffin remote mental attacks that only happened just when Manchester black is about to hurt someone and then go away oddly and conveniently to keep the tension on the show up, this is just a few examples of the army of suspension of disbelief destroyers in this episode. A sad ending to a otherwise smartly written arch about Agent of Liberty.

Hopefully this means the elsewhere 3 night event starting next week got their good writer, because whoever wrote this weeks episode was DEFINITELY team b!