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Didn’t really seem bad to me. The stuff with J’onn came from that empathy-enhance thing in the previous episode, and the Nia from Naltor bit has been pretty obvious to us comic readers from her first introduction. I will grant that the “females in my family” bit was poorly written…there was a Dream Boy too…but I’m willing to chalk that up to a transgender character being written as overly sensitive to family tradition.


Well, the first two parts of the Elseworld crossover have been, in my mind, just amazing. The humor is on point, the gimmick has been really well handled, and last night’s introduction to Batgirl (in the Flash/Arrow universe) was nothing short of perfection. The actress nailed it, imo, and the Gotham depicted in that episode (and the implications) were very cool. All of the Easter Eggs! So many!!

Special nod to the first episode, Sunday’s The Flash, where we got a Smallville title song reference as we cut to Kent Farms. Gave me chills.


What Scott said! Totally agree about the farm scene was fun and almost made me want to watch the show again…ALMOST.

Did you get the reference when Jay/Barry said 'where is your RING John? I guess things are this reality"

I about fell out of my chair. John Diggle is a Green Lantern in another verse?! THAT I want to see!!!


OK, what other two or three shows do I have to watch to see the whole story arc? The Flash and…? From what I remember of last year’s crossover, Legends of Whatever It Is and Arrow were pretty dire.


I did! So good!

The four “Arrowverse” shows are Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow but only the first three had (mostly) anything to do with this cross over.

(Legend’s last night had a hilarious nod to the cross over event, but they were in the middle of their own crisis. The Legends get back from a mission at one point, and their ship AI says something like “You have missed calls from Barry, Oliver, and Cara Danvers” and one of them goes, “I guess we’re missing the annual cross over event”)

If you just watched Elseworlds Part 1, 2, and 3 (the latest episodes of Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl respectively) on the page or app you’d probably be fine, but you may miss some of the in-jokes and references here or there.


The teaser for next year, though…


This year’s crossover was fan service for days. Loved it. I may have even squeed a few times.


Wait, is it Green Arrow now? Wasn’t it just Arrow for a while (at least the show’s title-- I’m not a comics reader, particularly)? And why is it called the Arrowverse? Was that the first of these DC shows?

EDIT: Apparently the show is still called Arrow, and per the joke above, I don’t have to worry about Legends…? (for the purposes of the crossover)


FYI Crisis on Infinite Earths is 2019 crossover event. This is the biggest DC story aside from identify crisis in my mind. I hope we finally see GL in some fashion by then…

This is the one that triggers Barry to disappear from the timeline. I wonder how they will handle that.


Arrow continues to be dire… Legends gets better and adds Constantine from the failed series.


OK, why does Tom Cavanagh’s character have a weird French Canadian accent now? Is he yet another guy now? Obviously I would need to have been watching the show all along, I suppose.


He is.


That guy apparently lives to be body-snatched (or however it’s supposed to work per the lore).

In other news, the Gotham City shown at the beginning of the Arrow episode doesn’t look nearly as run down as it needs to. It’s gotta be frozen in an Art Deco time dimension, dammit.


When you have multiple universes, then you can always bring an actor back. And that’s awesome.


Elseworlds was a lot of fun, though it would have been nice if they had avoided the incredibly stupid “mortal danger” device for Barry and Kara. Slowing time by changing the rotation of the Earth, really? I get the reference to old Superman “fly around the world to mess with time” device, but there are a lot of other options in comic history to choose from. That aside, I really enjoyed the crossover.

Every time Flash and Arrow get together I’m reminded how well those two actors fill their roles. Gustin has the positive and quirky down, and Amell does dark and brooding to a T. Seeing them switch just emphasized how good they are at those roles. And of course no one needs reminding how great Benoist fits the Supergirl role.

Batwoman was great and I can only hope we get more. That entrance with the drop onto that van, damn. I got chills, I’m not ashamed to admit. I don’t have a good feel for whether Ruby Rose was a good cast choice or not, not enough time, but at the least it’s a workable casting.

I was a bit surprised back at the first crossover that they didn’t use Crisis on Infinite Earths, but they’re finally getting around to it next year. I suspect it will mark the end of at least one of the leads. Comics say it should be Barry but based on how Oliver was bargaining with the Monitor, I think he’s the frontrunner.