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Well, I appreciated the nod to the old supergirl with the casting of Helen Slater, but unfortunately her acting was pretty wooden. However she does look more natural than Ally Cat, who is the same age but has a face so bottoxed and plastic she can hardly move it.


Wait, the mom was Helen Slater? Whoa, that’s pretty cool!

So, hey guys, Livewire was a shock jock. Get it? “Shock” jock?



I can’t tell if you’ve misplaced/failed to place her from this comment, but she plays the gal who becomes Andrew’s Girlfriend, if briefly, in Whiplash. It is a small part though of course it’s an important part of Andrew’s story. I thought she was super adorable even there (and spent the breakup scene wanting to smack Andrew and give her a big hug). Supergirl has only strengthened that impression for me as well. She’s terrific.

I also wanted to say this because I freaking watched it, but last I saw Chyler Lee was not the whatsit spoof movie with Chris Evans and Mia Kirshner but instead one of the worst TV pilots I’ve ever watched: Girls Club (I had to look up the name). About 3 young up and coming female lawyers who are new to a BigLaw firm in a topsy turvey world (featuring Gretchen Mol and one of Brendan Walsh’s girlfriends from 90210; chancellor’s daughter I think it was). Fuck that was bad. Looking at IMDB it seems it got 9 episodes, which is shocking. I would have sworn it got yanked after 1 ep. Although that was two eps fewer than cop rock.

Supergirl is not that good, unfortunately. I kind of go back and forth on liking Flockhart as Cat Grant, I think because the writing. It seems to tease being more interesting than normal at times but never goes far with it. Benoist is great, though. Would watch a show of her and Christin Milioti as Adorkable detectives.


Hmmm, much better episode this week. Now that we’ve gotten out of the doldrums of agonizing over being Supergirl, and (at least for the length of this episode) the main plot hokum about escaped supercriminals is temporarily on the back burner, this episode shows how good the show [I]could[/I] be, with some sinister Maxwell Lord shenanigans and some neat life-saving superheroics. Even the romance sub-plot with Olsen has had a temporary resolution that should offer some blessed relief from relationship twaddle for a while. The Henshaw bits were also quite fun.


This feels like Constantine all over again…poor start, steadily improving, now we have to hope low ratings doesn’t kill it before people catch on.

I’m not sure yet about this Maxwell Lord incarnation. It feels like the writers decided they needed a Lex Luthor-ish character and picked him. It’s working thus far, but it feels too close to Superman for my taste. Still, if they can make good use of it, I guess that’s ok. And they can always move him past the “super-rich super-smart captain of industry with nefarious goals” clone of Luthor if they want to make use of the stuff he could do in the comics.

Kara’s shot at Winn about eating cereal for dinner and having all the toys was pretty amusing. Hey, I resemble that remark!

Looking forward to the Red Tornado sighting next week. I can think of lots of interesting ways to make use of him beyond just the one episode.


It was picked up for a full season, so at least it’ll outlast Constantine? :)


In an interesting side note, SyFy reported a rumor that they are working on a Supergirl/Flash crossover. Since the shows share creative teams this isnt as far fetched as it seems. They also mentioned that they are trying to find a way to work Matt Ryans Constantine into the cast for Legends of Tomorrow. Since this is not written in stone, Im not getting my hopes up but I would like to see Ryans Constantine find a new home. I thought he did an excellent job in the role, once the series found its footing.


CBR ran both of those rumors earlier today, and I got excited, but they already came back and shot down the Flash/Supergirl crossover rumor with Greg Berlanti saying nobody’s even started initial discussions:

And the Legends of Tomorrow/Constantine rumor also sounded even shakier, since it was for a still very much theoretical Legends of Tomorrow season two.

Both sound cool, and I don’t think anyone’s saying these things definitely [I]couldn’t[/I] happen, just that no one in charge is even talking about these possibilities yet.


Red Tornado was cool, but I’m disappointed they killed off Morrow right away instead of letting him get away. Plenty of mileage left in robotic villainous masterminding. Thought they’d saved him with that transfer thing at the very end, but that sure didn’t last long. Sure, it’s a comic-book universe, anyone can come back, but now they’d have to make up some excuse.

Anyone else think the game night scene was just painful to watch? Maybe it’s just my own anti-social tendencies. Lane family dinner and the anger-outlet session and Momma Grant were socially awkward as well, but I thought all that other stuff was better executed than the game night.

I’m not sure if I like that Lucy is sticking around or not. Jenna Dewan-Tatum is highly decorative, certainly. But I was kinda hoping the love triangle stuff would die down for a bit once she left town.


Reading your post, it occurred to me that instead of being incredibly contrived, Red Tornado didn’t become sentient, but instead is where Morrow’s consciousness went? If so, you may have your wish at some point, maybe?


True, but they blew him up right afterward. Not exactly a smooth transition to a recurring villain.


Also true (and I had forgotten that ending, entirely) - but since when has total destruction stopped a sentient robot from coming back? :)


The bit with Supergirl feeling her rage was actually quite powerful - it sure would be scary if a Kryptonian really got angry :)


I actually thought that would make cool wallpaper. :)


It’s not nearly big enough but it’s a neat pic.


Can’t wait to watch this episode. Up until now she moved between cute and cutely determined.

I really hope the show will move beyond villain of the week formula and give us some emotional stakes.


It feels weird that they started out with that, and then changed to villain-of-the-week. In the first few episodes you had all the stuff about her aunt controlling all these alien bad dudes, then in the last few weeks that has totally gone away. Seems to me it would have made a lot more sense the other way around.


It’s been interesting to see how they address the power level issue.

Supergirl doesn’t seem “godlike” at the moment, despite the descriptions as such. You’ve got junkyard Iron Man beating her up and even a friggin’ quadcopter outflying her. At this point, the most exception thing about her appears to be her superhearing, which does seem to ridiculously good.


Never seen an episode of this show, but I keep reading about it. Sounds like there was a cool surprise reveal in the last episode, maybe I’m going to have to catch up on this some day.


There is.


There is a cameo by someone I’ve actually heard of, and recognzed, as someone who doesn’t read comics

real actual spoiler

Martian Manhunter, though they gave his actual non superhero name. Had to look up afterward to make sure that’s who it was. But they clearly say he is the last Martian, so it made sense.

As someone who has only seen parts of the last few episodes it did lose some of the punch, as I don’t know if this was telegraphed or not. But the way they frame it has potential though.