It looks nice.

That poster looks like it was made by my little sister. The nonsensical perspective of the buildings and the totally wrong/fake reflections are giving me a headache.

Maybe “they meant to do that”, but if they were trying for an unreal sort of effect they could do a better job…

The guy is pointing at the lens flare. He must be a mid-90s game developer.

We are going to start seeing something soon. I would be really surprised if we don’t see a teaser with Batman Begins

I don’t think they have even starting filming yet.

They have been filming for about 2 weeks

something interesting is that X-Men and Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer will be directing this movie, instead of a 3rd X-Men.

You do realize that we’re all on the same internet, right?

You do realize that we’re all on the same internet, right?[/quote]

Nah, us Asians are on a slightly different internet.

You guys had yours invented by Al Gore after all.
Ours was cobbled together by the dead students of tiananmen.

Based on the perspective and the buildings Superman has to be at least 20 feet tall or something.

Apparently, this poster is a fake, and originated here…

…which would explain the funky perspective and reflections. Still, pretty good for a fan-made Alex Ross knockoff.