Superman Returns - First Trailer


Newsweek also has a write-up on a visit to the set that you can read here.

Doesnt look bad so far. The guy looks like he fits the part pretty good. Though if they are using the same script I read like a year ago they can go fuck them selves.

Linky for script? I vaguely recall the script you mention but I can’t remember where from. Maybe someone can ctrl-f and look for the 1-2 lines from the trailer and compare. Not conclusive by any means but it should give us a rough idea of where they are heading.

Glad they’re using the now-iconic Williams score for at least part of the soundtrack. Perfect.

Yeah I dunno if I Could even find it now.

The major points for me that it had are
Jimmy olsen was teh gay.
Lex was from krypton
Krypton wasnt distroyed? ( I think it said something like that shit )

That was the Abrams script, and it’s long gone.

This film is a sequel to the original Richard Donner script for Superman 2.

Yup, both Singer and composer John Ottman have stated that they will be incorporating the theme into the score.

That link doesn’t seem to work. Anyone have any mirrors?

The trailer is a fan-made fake, but still pretty impressive.

Damn they are good.

More info? A link? I totally bought into it, myself…

Yes! You the man Whitta.

Apart from a couple of tell-tale signs, I think most people would believe that was a real Warner Bros trailer, it’s pretty well done.

The music is what mostly carries it; that Williams score just makes you want to piss your pants.

Yeah, I would not have known if it hadn’t been posted. The first part seemed like something I saw in Batman Begins, but I would have bought it, for sure.

Well, if you watch Bryan Singer’s video blog from comic con, they show a bit of footage at the end. The footage there looks more or less the same as what was shown in that trailer, including much of the editing.

So what is fake … the whole thing? is that not Supes? (I hope not)

Well, the trailer itself is fan-made, but all the footage you see is real. Yes, that really is Superman. I’m torn really. I’m a huge Superman fan, but I’m not sure I’m entirely sold on Superman but he [Brandon Routh] pulls off a killer Clark Kent.


Lex (Kevin Spacey)

Lois with out of wedlock kid (father not revealed to us yet). Marsden, the boyfriend on the left

[Edit:] And yes, Routh is built, but the classic “the suit hides the muscle” effect is in play here.
For reference:

Hm, Superman isn’t all that imposing. He’s built like a goth kid … a muscular goth kid.

I…I can’t even imagine such a thing.

I…I can’t even imagine such a thing.[/quote]
Maybe not on Earth. But on Krypton, who knows?