I could care less about the game really, but the trailer maybe gives a preview of the new updated take on the classic John Williams music, plus a glimpse of what the new flying effects in the movie might look like.

I’m actually interested in the game from what I’ve read about it so far.

Superman Returns the Video Game.

I think I will too.


They totally lifted part of that from the last Segata Sanshiro commercial.

Outside of the two close ups of Superman, the game trailer looks pretty good. Its amazing how bad even a console game version of Brandon Routh looks.

How can a trailer which is completely prerendered and non-gameplay ever truly look good?

Also: When are people going to learn that fake footage sucks?

edit: on second look, some of it is in-game, and the rest potentially looks good, except for the fact that it’s still not gameplay.

Which is why I gave props to the trailer as it is and not the game.

Which part was gameplay? That all looked prerendered to me. Which is completely useless.

I know, that’s why I attempted to avoid implying that you said the game looked good.

Matt: There’s a little part where it shows some crowds running around a bit, and there’s some particles and such. The framerate chugs, and unless they were trying some kind of avant-garde faking of realtime problems, it might have been realtime.

Conceivably, the entire thing might have been set up and scripted with a realtime engine. It’s hard to tell sometimes nowadays with next gen engines whether or not it’s realtime or bad cg. heh.

Yeah, I noticed the chugging and the particles… so it must be some in the engine and some rendered cut scenes, but I don’t think any of it portrays actual game play.

Though the music is nice. :D