I caught “Supernatural” last night. Glad I did. Basically, brothers with a family history of dangerous ghost hunting go in search of missing father. Kick spectral asses along the way.

Really, this reminded me 110% of White Wolf’s “Hunter: The Reckoning”. Not a bad thing. Think Buffy/Angel with all the hokey BS removed, plus some of the “hotrods and guns” from the Phantasm movies.

Also, the effects and scenes were pretty spooky.

I really liked it. However our network decided that even though the show ran an extra 7 minutes over the hour, they were not going to show it. So I have no idea how the first episode ended.

hot damn you missed the best part.


They do their ghostbusting and figure out where dad is leading them. Younger kid reminds brother of interview and gets dropped home. He comes home late sees some cookies made for him from the gf. He goes upstairs and lies in bed as you hear the shower running. Then he feels the blood drops. Looks up and sees his GF in the same position as his mother was 22 years ago (on ceiling) burst into flames and his brother bursts in and pulls him out.

Unsurprisingly he decides to go with big bro and help find his dad.

wow, I did miss the good part. This one will be canceled in soon then, won’t it. Every show I start to like tends to be.

I really liked the ending too. But I have to ask: What good are all the shotguns and semi-automatics supposed to do against ghosts?

Dude! Silver fucking bullets!! Didn’t you catch that reference in the beginning???

This show has me hook, line, and sinker. A more subtle humor than Buffy? Check. Decent acting, especially from the supporting cast? Check. A nifty pilot story? Check. Hot chicks, even if one happens to be living-impaired? Check. Decent F/X? Check. Not one, but two AC/DC songs featured, including one from Bon? Oh fucking check.

Pleasepleaseplease let this show have a good run. I think the fact that WB is showing this episode like 3 times this week is a very good sign that they’re behind it and have big plans for it.

For those who missed it: it airs again tonight.

That’s one fuck of a lot of silver bullets. And silver shotgun pellets?

Besides, if I have my other worldly lore correct, those things would do fine against werewolves, but ghosts? Oh wtf, the show really looks good. I hope it has a long run too.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: “Guns?!?!”

Fuckit though. They look cool, if nothing else, and I’m sure we’ll get some sort of explication later on about how they know what to do with guns and shit.

Schattenjagers in America! Woot!

Hmmm. I expected to like it and was a bit underwhelmed. I mean, angry ghost women plaguing horny guys and cars coming alive? Getting out of backwoods police custody with a paperclip. Maybe for a midseason episode, but not the premiere. Oh well, at least the chick in her nightclothes in the beginning was hot.

It’s pretty meh-arrific.

I thought it was slightly above average. As far as being the scariest show ever on TV like the advertisements purport, that’s bullshit. There have been far scarier episodes of the X-Files, and dare I say Twin Peaks, than what I saw in that first episode. On the other hand, it was put together pretty solid, and the final scene involving the ghost was freaky. That chest wound on the little brother… ouch! I also thought the special effects during the scene inside the house were very well done.

I’ll watch it.

Needs more hot chicks. Maybe the black haired hottie from freakylinks, she’d do nicely.

Well the second show was awful. If this would have been the premere the show would’ve been off my season pass instantly. I’m giving it one more chance though.

What did they call that thing? The Wandingo? lol

Wendigo. And their description of it from Native American myths and folklore was at least fairly accurate.

So it’s a title screen, credits and some commercials?

So it’s a title screen, credits and some commercials?[/quote]

Overwrought angsty goths without a hint of irnoic humour.

Also, no regular hot chicks as yet. I’m wondering if we have to play crap shoot with each ep’s guest stars.

The dialog in this show is flat awful, and the acting is not much better. I want to like it, I really do. But I am having a hard time. The writers are trying to make the brother ultra-cool, but they just come of as annoying and the younger one is played by an absolutely terrible actor. The older one is grating and unrealistic. I 'm going to give it a third week (tivoed the one tonight, so haven’t seen it yet), but I am becoming disillusioned quickly.

Glad to hear everyone’s sentiments since I was wondering if I would regret dropping the show after the pilot episode. Looks like I saved myself further torture in “trying” to like it.

Thread necroscopy. I hate to admit but I have been hooked. Been torrenting away working back to the start and I am liking it a lot. Some of the stories have been much better then others but it gives me that nice X-Files’ish vibe of creepy stuff happening.

It’s gotten a lot better. They have creepy down very well.