I have been noticing that Kim Manners - a big contributor to X-Files is the Exec Producer/Director on quite a few episodes as well.


It’s enjoyable without being memorable. I feel the show’s big problem is the low number of continuing characters. The brothers are fine, and Dad pops up from time to time, but that’s pretty much it. Everyone else is just in need of rescue or cannon fodder and replaced the next week.


Recurring characters are expensive. So far there are the two brothers, the dad, and the devil girl.


I just wish they’d get away from it being “mystery plot we won’t discuss” in the distant background and monster-o-the-week and actually get some sort of recurring villainy going. I’m sure it’s potentially there, but they need to bring it on.


I found the first episode really clumsy, perhaps because of the “Mulder and Scully” reference they used, to me, came off as very weak and cheesy.

The demon girl reminds me of a less skankier Tara Reid.

But, I am finding myself loving this series and the more it runs the better the episodes seem to get. They just have a feel to the episodes which works and the stories aren’t too bad either. However, the episodes which don’t work for me are the main storyline ones, kind of like the X-Files actually, where I didn’t care for the main storyline, but loved the one-off episodes as they tended to be more humourous. I hope it is doing well enough to get renewed, come the end of the season.

This last episode, the one with the haunted painting, was an excellent example of how good it has become. Except the weak scene where the girlfriend wannabe waffled on about how people had to take chances. All I could think was that there is a large difference between that and getting yourself on the block for a flaming ceiling death.


Agree completly with you on that one. The main story line episodes do seem to drag things down.


I just finished watching all 20 episodes from Torrents last night. I have to say the last 3 episodes were as good and creepy as anything I have ever seen on TV. Well worth giving this show a look. Especially the “portrait” episode.


Here we are 7 months later. The Season 1 DVD has been purchased and 8 episodes have aired in the new season. The show continues to get high marks from me. Anyone else out there still watching?


I’m watching. I didn’t feel the first season was so hot, but then season 2 started.

It just seemed…better. I heard they had a grand plan for the plotline till the end
of season 3, so if the show lasts longer than that. they’re going to have to
think up something new :)


Had not heard that about the story arc. I will say the “demon” last night was excessively HOT.


I’m a couple weeks behind but I still watch it. It’s entertaining to watch nothing mindblowing. I do like the songs they play.


[conjures thread necromancy]

I love this show, love love love it. Anyone still watching it? Isn’t it amazing?


I quit after 4 episodes.


Heh, the first 8-9 eps are the weakest in the series, after that the main story arc kicks in and the show is on fire. :)


It’s okay. I catch it every week.

It’s tough to get too into a show where most episode plots either require crippling ineptitude on the part of the heroes or bizarrely stupid decisions on the part of the heroes. When Sam on Reaper does something unbelievably retarded, I can go ‘oh well, he’s new at this’. When Dean does something obscenely moronic it becomes hard to swallow because he’s supposedly been doing this his entire life.

It’s a fun show. It’s regularly amusing. It’s straight-up funny episodes (Bad Day at Black Rock, Ghostfacers) have been some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while. The story arcs have been good, though the narrative is often clumsy at best. Every week with the ‘Dean, you only have X weeks left to live!’ Oy. The best character on the show is Bobby. I hope they bring the Trickster back season after season. Make that guy their Q.

I appreciate the effort involved in being a writer for this show. Especially since it seems to be impossible to please its die hard fans. First they bitch about the character of Jo Harvelle (my favorite being that it’s obvious Alona Tal doesn’t know how to hold a gun, despite her having served in the Israeli army) and then when the writers say she’s not coming back and replace her with the annoying Ruby and the loathsome Bela, those same fans bitch that they got rid of Jo. Then again, the most vocal of those die hard fans seem to be LJ girls who spend most of their time making icons that feature Sam and Dean making out, so, you know, it’s right there with Smallville when it comes to the weirdo fans.

I watch it, I enjoy it. I can see calling it one of the best shows on the CW if only because the CW doesn’t have much else but Reaper.


This show started slow, went up to meh, then something happened from the start of season 2, and it’s actually watchable.


I watch it almost exclusively for the names they make up when they introduce themselves (“I’m agent Bachman, this is Agent Turner”) and the soundtrack. The time the beginning-of-episode recap was Foreplay, then Long Time kicked in under the beginning of the show was awesome.


This show got better? I tried watching at the beginning and I couldn’t stand it. The main characters were grating, especially the older brother (I guess…Jensen Eckels?). The stories with the creeps were interesting enough, but I couldn’t get past the lame “Where’s Daddy?” and “I hate the world because I have abandonment issues” background. Has that gone away a bit? It doesn’t seem like it from the commercials.


Being resurrected changes people.


I have started and stopped watching this show at least 4 times.

The stories are good, the arc’s with the BIG stories are good, heck the acting is good, music is good…and for some reason I start watching and after 3 or 4 episodes, it just starts piling up on my dvr.

I am not sure why. It seems like it should be a pretty darn good show-but like I said, 3-4 eps and my interest fades.