Yeah, just about everything felt off. This article hit just about all of my beefs with it:

10 Questions I Have After Watching Supernatural, Season 9 Episode 20 | "Bloodlines"

Also found this ;)


That's great. Love it.


I've only watched the first 15 minutes of Bloodlines and was bored. I'm considering deleting it and moving on.


I'm about four episodes away from finishing season one and I have to admit this is getting better. Definite rough start though.


Yeah, it's dull. Like I said, very generic "feuding crime families" plot whose supernatural element is pretty much irrelevant. Bleah.


Oh yeah, season one is rocky. There have been many discussions in this thread about Supernatural's slow start. Stick with it, though. Each season is better than the previous until the amazing 4 and 5, where the show peaks. Subsequent seasons aren't as good, but still enjoyable.


I think I'll just delete the spin off pilot without watching it. I don't think I've read even one positive thing about it.


You won't miss anything. It's monster crime families in Chicago with a Romeo and Juliet romance and one angry neophyte hunter. That's all the plot you need to know if it does become a series. They didn't want it to be like Supernatural, apparently, and it sure isn't.


Well this is a relief, according to TV guide's Facebook page:

But the network passed on Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines.

Dodged a silver bullet there. Whew!


Now that they've got that out of their systems, they need to turn their attention to a Men of Letters spin off. That's the obvious choice for a series. We needed another Vampire Diaries like we needed another Kardashian show.


If your proposed series includes the Golem, ok. Otherwise, fie upon it!


Back to discussing the actual series! That was a surprisingly final ending for Abbadon. Surprising because I thought she'd survive until the season finale at minimum or (more likely) carry forward into season 10. Final because, well, final. Even on a show like Supernatural, I don't expect her to come back from that.


I have a sneaking suspicion we are facing Supernaturals take on Buffy season 6. That is, Dean will be the real big bad by the finale.


He's clearly going off the rails, getting harder, crueler, and more violent each time he uses the Mark and Blade. I think it's more likely to be resolved next season, but we'll see.


Agents Spears and Aguilera. Classic Cas. He gets it, but he doesn't.


Just got caught up, what a great couplr of episodes. The suicide bomber thing was great, and Dean losing it has me damned worried.


You can almost see next season being a Cain and Abel thing. Maybe it will be the series finale.


I wouldn't mind that at all.


Me either, and I did mention a few posts up that I thought the effects of the First Blade on Dean were more likely to be resolved in season 10 than during this season's finale. We'll know soon either way.


Yup, next week's the finale OMG. I hope we keep Timoh around, been a fan of his since BSG.