There was an episode in the first season where the bad guys were a family of humans who just liked hunting other humans. Episodes like that are always super creepy because they’re just people.


Oh yeah, I remember that one now. They lived in a run down house and what, ate their victims? Just killed for fun? It’s been a long time.


I remember that one. It was creepy. Wasn’t that the first appearance of the female sheriff?


For fun and food I think.


Yes I know it’s Buzzfeed but this is too cute not to share.


Ok, but Dean has the Mark of Cain so he’s going to kill Sam next season. The bromance will be buried.


Dammit I still always get confused by their names after all these years so it takes me a second to remember who is who. I still think of Sam as Dean cause of his time on Gilmore Girls.


I was prepared to hate all over that, but…you’re right. It’s cute.


It’s getting somewhat repetitive at this point. One brother gets corrupted, the other tries to save him. One brother dies, one brother goes to far to bring him back. And so on…

I went back and rewatched the first season. It was a little rough, but a few gems. For me, the highlight was the one with the town with the german apple tree.


I’m all caught up now. The season 9 cliffhanger was spoiled for me, but that’s the nature of watching a show after it airs.

My fiancée is extremely excited for season 10. I’m a little less so—the arc which ended in season 5 was the best of the show so far, and I’m not entirely convinced they can match that here.


Oh, they can never match the season 5 ending because that was conceived by the show’s creator, who stepped down as showrunner after that, so put that out of your mind. ;)


Yeah, pretty much everyone agrees that the show hit its peak in seasons 4 and 5, but it’s still very worth watching.


It’s hard to top Armageddon and Lucifer vs. Michael with God sitting it out on the sidelines writing pulp fiction about it. That really was finale stuff, but the show is too good to end even if it can’t reach those heights again. I hope it lasts as long as Gunsmoke.

They also need to import Sam and Dean into The Strain. They’d clean up that vampire nest in an episode or two.


Too true. Eff and Satrakian would look on in helpless awe as the Winchester boys made nearly instantaneous work of Manhattan’s infestation.


Hey folks, in case y’all were waiting for it, season 9 comes to Netflix on 10/7:

Say day season 10 actually starts. Weird, that.


Season 10! Oh man that is a lot of monster killing.


Right? It’s now officially longer than the show it seems to get compared to the most, the X-Files. ;)


I hope they let evil-Dean play out for most of the season instead of resetting it by episode 5.


Agreed, though I’m worried how Deanmon (yes, that’s what they’re calling him, apparently) treats Baby (the Impala).


…cues up Christine…