I stopped early in season 6, they’d lost the sense of humor and camaraderie. Did it ever come back?


The first half of season 6 is some of the show’s weakest stuff. The show’s creator, who had a 5 year plan, stepped down as showrunner after that, and it took a spell before the show regained its footing. It did, however, and it’s been trucking along fabulously ever since. ;)


Just chiming in to agree with Brian. He’s right, as usual, and it’s worth coming back. It’s been worth it almost the entire time.


As always, spoilers if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet.

Bad episode last night. It was sacrificed to exposition to move the season along. The Dean vs. Sam encounter wasn’t too bad once Dean was loose, but that was the highlight. The low-light was the endless bickering between Sam and Dean while he was tied up. I have grown very weary of the acrimony.

It’s disappointing that they did nothing at all Deanmon. I guess that whole thing was done just to create a season-ending cliffhanger but then the writers had no idea what to do with it. I would have been happy with Dean and Crowley on the road most of the season with Sam and Castiel hunting them down – maybe pluck Benny the vampire out of purgatory and throw him into the mix – but I guess the fan base wants Dean and Sam together.

So now it’s like the start of a whole new season. Dean is back. Castiel has his grace replenished. Things are calm in heaven and hell. The writers may be running out of ideas.

At least it looks like in the previews next episode is a one-off with vampires, so I’m looking forward to that.


I was really hoping to see Demon Dean go out on some hunts. Would have been some good opportunities to see him do some truly bad things (lots of civilian casualties). Instead it looks like we’re going to get some redhead with an attitude as the next “big bad”.

Feels like they sometimes swap writers between seasons and those new writers have no idea how to continue the storyline. You had the season of meeting possible new allies (the golem, the ‘good’ werewolf, Benny, etc) that was just dropped on the floor. “Dean in Hell” was barely explored. The Men of Letters barely touched (huge potential there).


I guess they feel there isn’t room for any more regular characters. They have four now. They did use Benny for several episodes at least.

Demon Dean ended up being something of a joke. The first couple of episodes he was just Crabby Dean other than when he offed the guy who sold his soul. The writers did nothing at all with that plot line.


I’m going to swim counter to the current here and say that I thought the episode was fine, but it did come too early. We all wanted a longer Dean as demon story line.


This was a dreary one-off. I am worried about this season. The writing seems lost so far. Also, the whole Sam and Dean world-weary bickering thing is old, old, old by now.


Did I call it, or did I call it?

The emphasis the musical put on the forgotten 3rd Winchester also struck me as significant. Good fun episode!


The writing has been pretty lacklustre for a long time now, at least for me. It seems like there’s often a bit of potential, but the writing never follows through. Like the Dean/Crowley buddy thing, that was just a fizzer. The Dean demon thing was also limp, and never really went anywhere that wasn’t tedious.

I went back and watched the first season again, pretty hard going. I’d say that it’s peak was when the father started featuring, and the decline was when the angels came into the picture.


The whole Armageddon arc was very good, I thought. Lots of interesting things going on in that. The problem is you bring in Lucifer and the Archangel Michael and you’ve peaked in terms of the struggle between good and evil. Everything after is something of an anti-climax, though I did enjoy the Leviathan story arc.

As to the angels, I like Castiel but I do not like all the power struggles in Heaven. I’d rather the rest of the angels go away. I find them boring. The demons at least enjoy being demons. The angels act like civil servants.

What’s weird about this season is they are now six episodes in, nearly a third of the way through, and there is no story arc. Dean as a demon lasted about three episodes and they’ve all been one-offs since. I’m ok with that but it’s different for the show.


Yeah this show has been running on empty for at least a couple of seasons but damn if that musical episode wasn’t great.


Heh. My feeling is I’d rather watch mediocre or even bad Supernatural than most other shows, so keep the cameras rolling!


Same. I watch a lot of mindless stuff while I work and Supernatural fits into the ‘comfort food’ category. I know it’s fluff, but it’s entertaining fluff with either the corny jokes or monsters.

Last episode was great. I had some misgivings after reading a plot synopsis, but it definitely delivered. Carry on my wayward son…


I’m totally with you there!


Great episode, all around. I get a little weirded out that they’re killing all these old gods and goddesses, but eh, still fun to watch. The meta episodes in general are top notch most of the time.

I’m happy they brought Chuck back. I know he’s a prophet, but I’m hoping we find out he’s actually God but doesn’t realize it and that he puts the whole Heaven/Angels arc to rest finally. Then again, if they brought God in to the mix you would end up having to explain why he isn’t waving his hands and cleaning up all the messes (rampant demons, monsters everywhere, old gods eating high school musical directors, etc.)


“God works in mysterious ways”

There, explained it for you :p


Well, that was an interesting twist. I didn’t see it coming until the episode was nearly over. For some reason, I thought Rowena’s accent was Irish at first, not Scottish. Once I heard it correctly, though, it all came clear.


I thought it was the obvious twist as soon as we got the hell throne scene. I was a little confused when they said she was tortured, as I’d assume he would be upset at that…


While it’s always good to see Sheriff Mills, the vamps in this episode were given short shrift so that we could spend more time with Mills’ new sidekick. Since I found that woman pretty dull in both this outing and her previous appearance, the whole thing fell flat as a result.