Yes, it was overall a bit dull other than seeing Sheriff Jody again. I guess the sidekick is for a future episode featuring these two? She was leaning heavily on Fargo for her character inspiration.

The season still doesn’t have a real story arc other than perhaps Dean still having the Mark of Cain, but they aren’t making much of that. I also was a bit disappointed that in the episode previous to this one they got rid of revenge guy who was stalking Dean. Yet another story arc that never really went anywhere, just like Dean the Demon didn’t go anywhere.


I’m not sure revenge guy is gone. I think he’s just been sidelined until they can bring him back as an ally. Something Supernatural does quite a lot (as evidenced by the Hibbing 911 episode).

I got a chuckle out of that episode, by the way. It was the scene in which Sam points out he made their official FBI badges at Kinkos. For some reason, Dean’s facial expressions and response made me laugh out loud.


Even bad episodes have good moments, and that was a good moment. Padalecki and especially Ackles have excellent comedic timing and chemistry. Still a bad episode, though :).


So far the season has been lackluster, although there have been a couple of good episodes. It’s a season of short story arcs unless the writers are building towards something I cannot see. It really feels like a season where they don’t know where they are going.

I wouldn’t be surprised if early on in the planning they had Dean as a demon for quite a few more episodes than they settled on. I really thought they’d go for a Cain vs. Abel thing too with Dean and Sam. They seem to moving towards something with the Mark of Cain, but it’s slow and hasn’t built any interest so far.


Mark, I’m coming around to your point of view. The midseason finale got a solid ‘eh’ from me; as midseason finales go, I thought it did very little to move the plot forward.


I just saw the mid season finale (dvr backlog, the usual) and liked it a lot. I thought bringing Cas’s vessel’s daughter back the way they did provided some great character moments, and I was glad to see that Dean is still dark and dangerous. We all agreed earlier that the demon arc resolved too quickly, but Dean’s problems aren’t over.


Renewed for season 11. I’m happy to see that. This season isn’t very compelling so it would have been a sad farewell.


I too am happy for a renewal. I’ve been enjoying the season, but yeah, I don’t get a sense of what the overreaching arc is yet.


I read a related article that said the CW is still interested in a Supernatural spinoff, though we won’t see a pilot this season. They also want to do more with DC Comics and have hinted at an Atom show.

I’d love to see a Bobby and Rufus show. Yes, they’re dead, but people come back from the dead all the time on Supernatural.


I finally caught up with this season and yeah it kind of feels like they were spinning their wheels for 4 or 5 episodes. Even the mid season finale was for the most part, uneventful. It looks like they are setting things up to be quite messed up when they return.

Speaking of spinoffs, there was an idea that was being tossed around a few season back set to take place in the 1800’s. It would have explored the connection between the Winchester family and Samuel Colt and explained the reasons behind the need for the special Colt Revolver. I hope they actually do that someday, I think it would make a great limited run series.


Oohhh, a Colt spinoff could be great. Either that or the Men of Letters. Or maybe Sheriff Jody. :)


While I’d love to see another road show spinoff, a couple of people fighting evil, etc., I bet they want something that skews young and involves romance. I think the aborted spinoff would have been like that.


Yep, it was total big city Romeo and Juliet drek. They wanted a Twilighty vampire soap opera set in the Supernatural universe. Thank god it crashed and burned immediately because the backdoor pilot episodes were horrible. Hopefully they learned their lesson and understand that the reason that Supernatural has been a success for them is because it isnt what pretty much every other show on their slate is. A little diversity in programs is a good thing.


I went into this one expecting to hate it. Charlie’s never worked for me even though I like Felicia Day, the Oz connection to the Men of Letters always struck me as ridiculous, and the transporter accident good Charlie/bad Charlie thing seemed like a sure loser. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t terrible. And the arm-breaking moment was gruesome. I felt for everyone involved, including Dean.


Great episode this week, but the last moments? Fucking. Gold.


That was awesome. The look on Sam’s face was perfect! I was laughing out loud when we watched it this week.


Right? And if you look at Dean, you see a little smile as if know he’s torturing his brother. So perfect.


That was a great episode in an otherwise undistinguished season. Loved it.


Damn, it has been so.long since I saw this show. Is it worth it to jump in on netflix?


It has its ups and downs like any long running show, but for the most part it’s consistently entertaining, so yeah, jump in.

I’m horriably biased though. ;)