So that last episode. Holy. Shit.


That was one of the best episodes of the season. So many great things happened. Unfortunately


They killed off the Stynes. I was actually starting to like them as a villain group. I was hoping they were going to remain a thorn in the Winchester boys’ side.



Oh I doubt that was all of the Stein’s. It’s a multi-generational family that’s had its hands in tons of pies for a thousand years, and they’re all in Louisiana? I really do hope we see more of them because I LOVE 'em.


Just got around to seeing this with my wife, and agreed. That was a great, intense episode. No more weak sauce Crowley, Dean’s throw down with Cas, Dean ripping through the Stein compound, Dean period. Ackles has gotten stronger as an actor every season, and this one’s been a real showcase for him.

And I’m with Brian–there’s no way that’s all of the Stein’s.


Yeah, I am totally loving it.

And in the preview for next week?! DEATH!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! I love Death so very much. SO MUCH.


p.s. I thought I might have been wrong about the spelling of their last name given the literary tie in, but they actually do spell it Styne. I wonder why they changed it?

Ackles has gotten stronger as an actor every season

Totally agree. And while I think Padalecki makes a great straight man for Ackles, he hasn’t really gotten any better as an actor. Padalecki is still okay by tv standards, but Ackles could probably make the transition to movies if he got the right breaks.


I’m still kind of watching this show – didn’t we end last season in almost the exact same position, except the reason for Dean being out of control was that he was Demon or whatever?


Pretty much, yes. But his problem was “solved” so quickly at the start of this season that everyone in this thread complained that it didn’t run long enough. Turns out that the solution wasn’t a real fix after all, so I’m fine with Dean being the main arc this time around.


I’m only just starting season 5 (just a fantastic show so far) but when I saw this picture I snapped while my cat was walking over my phone, I had to laugh (and share).


That’s a great pic, Bleed. Beware the demon cat! You should know that season 5 is the best of the bunch. The original showrunner (Kripke) left after that, and the quality declined a bit, but it’s still much better than average and well worth your time.


And now, to contradict what I just said, here’s a post saying that I found the season finale unsatisfying. It wasn’t bad, exactly, but the bit with Death felt off to me once Sam joined the scene. No spoilers for now, but I didn’t respond well to it.


Similar feelings here. This season started with a bang, then kind of puttered along until now. It feels like this whole season has been a setup for the next one, or alternately, that they spent so much time hitting character beats that they forgot to keep the plot rolling.

I think the latter critique also hits on what I didn’t really like about Age of Ultron—not a lot actually happened, in the scheme of things. A few big moments, but not many twists or major developments.


They seem to feel they need to end each season with apocalypse level events. I honestly would’ve been happy with something like a Styne family meeting in which they announced their intention to destroy the Winchesters or something…then next season see a war between these two groups of sub-god level people. Whipping out the big guns every season has just served to lessen the impact of such things.

Still, I hope they play around with the whole “death is dead” scenario next season.


Well that was…something. I’m pissed that Death is dead, don’t get the whole Sam must die thing, don’t get where Rownea got her extra mojo and have no idea where the darkness thing is going. I also think it’s weird that the concept of the darkness was just dumped in our laps right now. I kiiiiinda get that it’s so old that only Death might know of it, but still, what?

Yeah, what a mess, but I hope the fallout is fun next season.


I agree with everything you said except that the Darkness bit didn’t bother me. As you said, only Death and God (and maybe Lucifer) would know about it. And I doubt Death is permanently out of commission. We’ll see.


True, no one is ever TRULY dead on this show.


I expect from studying the book—I really doubt she was looking for the curse remover for that long.


You’re likely right. I was HOPING she’d transferred the Mark to herself, but nooooope, apparently not.


I was hoping she’d die, so the absolutely last thing I wanted was Rowena with the Mark.


The Darkness is just the Leviathan revisited.

I don’t think you can count on Death being dead. I halfway thought when he handed Dean the scythe that it would backfire on Death. Anyway, if Death is dead there will need to be a new Death – maybe Charlie?

I’d be happy with a Supernatural season where they battle the Stynes, as hepcat said. Or even a master vampire. The evil they fight doesn’t have to be world-ending – just interesting.

I still enjoy the show, but this season was a bit disappointing.