I wanted her to die too. I find her uninteresting. Looks like she’s back next season as a plot element. Supernatural doesn’t have persistent female characters for the most part. Charlie and Sheriff Jody are about the only two.


Ugh. I love Death and I really hope he’s not actually dead. All the while Dean was holding the scythe I was thinking, lol watch him turn around and stab Death. And then he did. I thought Death was just going to sigh and pull the scythe out, but nope.

Sam is an idiot. I wanted him to die at the end but not before telling Death, “well shit, I don’t want to let the Darkness™ in. Go kill witch face before she finishes the ritual” so that Death could show up and kill Cas (for being an idiot too) and the stupid tedious witch.


Are you surprised by the Death thing? One of the brothers dying, or getting in some situation, and the other brother wringing his hands and wailing for a season has been worn into the ground. They had nowhere else to go, and when Dean said “I’m sorry Sammy” it was obvious that he couldn’t do it, and Death’s head was going to roll. Death is a bit of a weakly written character though, as he should have seen that coming, given how many times Sam and Dean have gyped him in the past - and the fact he said as much earlier in the episode.


The female head angel.

I’m on the pro-Rowena camp now. Getting her out of hell, where she participated in limp conversations and weak manipulations with her weakened character son, stepped things up a bit. So much for Crowley stepping things up a bit when Sam gave him the shaft. At this point, Crowley is a useless character who is too powerful, but neutered to the point of ridiculousness and too well acted to get rid of easily.

And Charlie buying it is an improvement. Felicia Day is Felicia Day in any show, one of those actresses who play themselves.


I’ve been in her camp all along. Ruth Connell is just too damn sexy for this old man’s heart.

The season finale was interesting. I’m curious to see where the show goes with the whole “death is dead” thing.


Heresy! As the founder of DRD (DieRowenaDie), I hereby excommunicate the both of you! Fie upon your houses, your fathers smell of elderberries, and may Bobby never show up at any of your parties.




The implication here is that everyone is either a de facto member of DRD, or the group existed before under another name and membership was automatically conferred to even those unaware of the change . As I can’t believe the club was established prior to my birth, and I think I would remember some strange guy showing up at my apartment with DRD membership papers, I can only surmise that the DRD is an offspring of the He Man Women Haters Club, which I joined when I was 7 years old by leaning into the television during a Little Rascals marathon and whispering, “You are so damn right, Alfalfa. Dames!”.

If this is the case, I’d like to point out that at 7 years of age, I was also convinced my dog could talk and that Cindy Miller from next door was the only girl for me, and since she apparently only had eyes for Brian Murphy from across town, I was SOL. Things have greatly changed since then. Cindy not aging well being the largest change. So I don’t think I should be held accountable for my membership in HMWH.


A heretic is talking, but I’m not listening. La-la-la-la-la-la-la.


I think one could totally see it coming to be honest.


I finally caught up to the season 10 finale! Man, what a cool show. I think because I watched them all back to back but I actually enjoyed every season and every episode - I think that was mostly due to just enjoying the characters more then the story itself. No episode was every as good as The French Mistake though, that was probably my favorite episode of anything ever on TV. Man what a great show! … I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve been watching Supernatural so much and for so long now… I don’t know what to do with myself? Watch the seasonal gag reels on YouTube, I suppose!


Yay, congrats!! The blurays are worth owning not only for the fabulous gag reels, but the excellent featurettes. And yeah, The French Mistake is amazing.


Yes, it’s hard not to like Sam and Dean. Castiel is great. Crowley may be most likable in his own way. It’s a show full of great characters. I don’t think it’s as strong as it once was, but I still look forward to seeing it.


It is, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Changing Channels. Who can forget…

Any Trickster/Gabriel episode is a good one, but that’s one for the ages.


Well THIS trailer certainly looks fantastic. Yay for season 11 tomorrow!


Really great premiere, felt different in a lot of ways, which is good. Sam was right, they have to change, and I REALLY liked that they addressed that. Also had a lot of new threads started, which was great. Can’t wait to see more, and REALLY happy my favorite show is back.


I missed it because I am dumb. For some reason, having watched the entire run in a whirlwind Netflix marathon it never occurred to me I’d need to set the damn thing up on my DVR, until I went to watch it and realized my mistake when it wasn’t in my recorded shows list. I’m literally in negotiations with the wife to try and get a Hulu account so I can just keep up with it there (as I have since found out she is recording FIVE shows at the same time during that exact time slot - I didn’t even know our DVR could record that many shows at once…)


The episode is available on CW’s website.


Oh, man, awesome. I was looking at CW Seed thinking that was where their episodes would be (why does CW Seed even exist?) and I also found there is a CW app so I can watch episodes on my phone, too. Handy. Thanks again!


Just watched the first episode and didn’t really like it. Some of the things that I find tiresome have been re-introduced again in this episode. Namely…

  • Sam and Dean bickering again – so, so tired of this
  • Castiel mucking around with Heaven again (I find the other angels boring)
  • the Mark of Cain – can’t we move on?

The whole Crowley thing did nothing at all to advance anything. They could have skipped the female interlude entirely.

Oh well, first episode, they are laying the expository groundwork, but I did some fast-forwarding as I watched it. Hope we get a light-hearted one-off soon.