So I think “Baby” is my new all time favorite episode, because MY GOD that was amazing. I just fucking loved all of it.


Oh yeah, I meant to come here and post about it. What a cool way to tell a story! So much going on in this episode, what a treat!

Strong season, so far.


I know right? Who’da thunk 11 years in we’d be saying that?


In some of the scenes where they were just driving and talking, they truly looked like they were having fun. Not as their characters, but as actors. I don’t see that a whole lot in shows - it is part of what made Eureka so much fun. It is very hard to switch from watching 10 seasons in binge format to waiting a whole week between shows.


Oh I bet, but yeah, the actors have amazing chemistry, and it’s likely one of the main reasons the show still works.


Man, that was an amazing episode.


I find myself really enjoying this season’s return to ‘monster of the week’ format for many of its episodes.


We get a season 12 and an episode with Bobby and no one is in here squeeing? Tough crowd. It was a great episode.


I’m actually 4 episodes behind, sadly. Haven’t had time to sit down and catch up with them, since the girlfriend wants to watch them with me and right now she’s on a DS9 binge.


I just read that Supernatural got renewed for season 13 as well, so at least two more years.




This article seems to say that, but the comments kinda echo what Brian said:


My guess is Jared and Jensen have signed a multi-year deal but perhaps season 13 is still contingent on a CW renewal. Chances are it’s a done deal if Jared and Jensen are signed, barring a ratings collapse. I don’t see a collapse at this point. Some erosion, perhaps, but there’s a lot of fan support for the show still.

I also think the CW would like the idea of promoting a final season, if it comes to that. Get the old fans to come back to the series one more time to see how it winds up. So if the ratings do take a big dip in season 12, do one more announced finale season.


So I finally got caught up, thanks my girlfriend deciding she’s done with the show for now. Sads. Ah well, now I don’t need to wait for her to watch the next episode, yay! Great few eps, surprised at the one on the submarine, that must’ve stretched their budget a bit. Really enjoyed seeing Bobby and Rufus again too. A very surprisingly solid season overall.


I kind of lost track of Supernatural a few episodes in this season and finally binge watched to catch up.
Best season in a while. I was getting tired of their constant deconstruction of Sam and Dean so they could pit them against each other. I guess for next season they will have to lower the stakes, I mean how do you go any higher than the complete and utter destruction of all of creation? I liked that they took several shots at the concept of Crowley and Deans bromance. It was like they wanted to make sure we understood that they knew how completely lame that thread was. About the only thing I didnt like is that they didnt leave Rowena dead. Her character is just so damned irritating. I did like that Metatron took the path of heroic redemption. I noticed kind of a funny thing, when they were running a monster of the week episode. Every time they would go into one, the episode started pretty much the same way. One of the brothers would bitch about having no leads on Castiel/Lucifer or Amara’s whereabouts and then the other would say well we need a case to take our minds off that. When binge watching it was really obvious. It became so paint by numbers I could almost run off the dialog as they were saying it. There is one question they did not answer, although I think its likely we will find out the answer next season… Where did Gods sister end up sending Lucifer?


Ah, looks like some of our discussion got eaten by the migration. I’ll repost my own thoughts after binging through the back half of the season!

Surprised there was so little chatter this season! (Which I just finally caught up on all the way)

While the ending didn’t quite wow me (final twist was a little
telegraphed, and for as much as the show loves to do large-scale cosmic
conflicts, it never really makes them very large scale or cosmic at
all), I’ve got to say that Episode 20, “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” was
easily one of my top-10 favorite episodes in the whole of the series.
Goddamn gut-punch of an episode that one.

Anyway, curious to hear what others thought of S11 in totality. For me, I
see it as a real return to form–one of the strongest overall seasons
since the first 5, easily–but I really wish they’d cut the final
4 minutes from this episode and just capped the series right there. I
genuinely can’t imagine that they’ll arrive at a better ending point in
another 1-2 seasons.


As I said in the lost thread, “Baby” is my new favorite episode, so yay season 11. I also loved how low key it ended. No big save the world stuff this time, just the brothers being held accountable for them starting all kinds of shit (which they did, regardless of them later fixing things). Overall a really great season.


New season started! …and I didn’t get to see the first episode. Went to watch my DVR last night and, instead of Supernatural, there was a high school football game. Messed up my Supernatural and my Legends of Tomorrow episodes.

Guess I’ll need to rely on the “previously on…” at the start of episode 2. Bummer


Why not just stream it?

They have apps for appletv, iOS, android, roku, etc, too.


The Samsung app store didn’t have the CW stream available in the past. I’ll see if they maybe added it in.

I spose I could just get a Chromecast finally