Yeah, this has been a really fun season. I like the tighter focus on family rather than saving the world again.


Though you can sometimes feel the budget constraining things really painfully, in terms of the very small “proportions” of what might otherwise be much larger things (e.g., trip to LA, the concert itself, the whole last ep, really, etc.).

I mean, the show’s always been a little rinky dink. I’d love to have seen the Apocalypse storyline from S1-5 done at, say, a prime-tier ABC budget level. . .


The show is back, and WOW what an episode! Seriously, that was amazing. Shades of Serenity (seriously!), deals made and broken, some nice combat and more! Love how a show in its 12th season can so surprise and entertain me.


Yeah, makes me wonder what the ramifications of that are going to be.


I can’t wait to find out.


Guys, I’m a few episodes behind. Enjoying this season even if it is a bit meandery, but I came here to post this:

I…don’t even know how to react to this.


This. is. AWESOME!

Every season seems to have a fun/crazy episode (like th groundhog’s day one, or the French whatsit) and I assume this will be the next seasons. I’m into it.


Yeah, after the news settled in my brain, this is how I felt about it too. LOVE IT.


The permanent loss of Crowley is crushing. Good thing they were quick to confirm Cas will be back.


Man, what a gut-wrenching premiere. Really one of the saddest in years.


Ugh, really?! I am afraid to watch it now! I should get around to it on Tue, I think.


It’s a bummer, but not in the usual way. It is a bummer due to the events that already were hard to watch from the finale last year, so if you saw that you saw the worst, this is the emotional fallout of that. But with a fun twist I’m eager to see where it goes. I suspect things will get a little better as the episodes/story unfolds, is my theory.


I really liked the scene that mimicked “Home” as well. Really nice callback, there.


For sure, such a crazy great show even with all the years under its belt.


Yeah it was quite enjoyable. Season 13…insane.




Looks good. So I heard of a planned Scooby-Doo episode this season. Any more word about that?


Been wondering this too. I’ve quite enjoyed this season so far, though.


Apparently it’s coming up around March of next year, I believe. This is the latest about it (also from EW).


I can’t wait for the Scooby episode. I wonder if the boys will be animated or if it will live action worked into the animation, like Mary Poppins or Roger Rabbit?