Why is Dean wearing lipstick!



I just watched the proto-spinoff pilot “Wayward Sisters” and really enjoyed it. I’m more or less done with the Sam N Dean show, b/c they’ve basically done their thing. That horse is dead, gents. But the Wayward Sisters episode made me think there may be some life in the formula, with a change of cast and change of tone/ambience/gender. I particularly liked Kathryn Newton’s performance as Claire Novak, channeling her inner Dean with lines like “I kill monsters. That’s who the hell I am.”

I wonder if the spinoff will get green lighted?


I hope so, I’d love to see more Jody.


I think the Sam and Dean thing works well, but it just seems stuck in a rut to me. Same villains for the most part, same heroes for the rest of it. Sure we saw Mary and stuff for a while, but hey off they go, and the same schtick is back. At least they got rid of Crowley, that’s part of the problem gone, as much as I like what the actor does. For the most part they just seem like they’re stirring the same pot, they’ve been stirring for 12 seasons before.

I don’t have any interest in watching a cartoon. I didn’t like it when Tarantino shoehorned animation into his Kill Bill movies, and I don’t watch cartoons. Sure I liked them when I was 5, but not for me. I’ll be skipping it.


That’s fair, my wife stopped watching because of the same rut.


I kind of feel like Superstition was intended to appeal to the same sort of people that like Supernatural, perhaps even being an alternative for those who were tired of it. But I find it almost unwatchable, due to it’s watered down consistency. From Van Peebles quite a bit older than the character daughter, who relies on childish hair to try and force herself in the role. To the weak unimaginative stories with corny solutions. It’s worse than Supernatural, in all the areas that Supernatural could be better for my personal tastes.


Wow, never even heard of it.


So you guys, Scoobynatural was so great. SO GREAT. It’s amazing that this show, 13 years in, can pull something like that off.


I am still behind one week, dammit! I’ll watch last weeks and last nights after work, I VOW IT.


I watched both last night as well. The previous episode was a really fun mob’em up.


Scoobynatural was fun. Dean was in his element. “I’d take a bullet for that dog!”

I take it they used a real episode of Scooby and modified it? I’d be interested to hear if it was all original animation or a mix of old and new.


Yes the episode of Scooby they riffed on was real. The episode was fun but completely inconsistent with the show’s established mythos. Ghosts simply do not have that level of power. That is “god” level power, reserved for beings like Trickster and such. But the whole purpose of the episode was to do a Scooby crossover so one can overlook the flaws in the episode.


Renewed! Yay!


Remarkable about Supernatural. Any word about the spinoff?


Nothing as of yet, sadly. Article says there’ll be more announcements in May.


Fuck yes.

Also, Scoobynatural was absolutely bonkers awesome. It was so much fun my son enjoyed it with me, he loved it, and he’s never watched an episode of Supernatural (yes, I’ve tried, I’ve tried… give him a break though, there is just too much awesome content out there these days).


Finally got finished with the latest season.

Well that was a hell of a thing.

How a show that’s been going this long still manages to surprise me, I’ve no idea.


Yeah, it’s been one of my favorite shows consistently since I binged it back around season 7 or so. So great.