Supernova - Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in a movie together? Who’s in charge of starting movie threads around here? I’m a terrible person for this since I avoid trailers.

Judging by the name it’s a science fiction epic, right?

Anyway, I’d watch these two in anything. Stanley Tucci made a Transformers movie worth watching. The man has a gift. And Colin Firth, I don’t even need to say anything.

Edit: oh yes, it’s out in theaters tomorrow. And I’m assuming on streaming too maybe?

Well, I’m disappointed.

They need to take the same exact movie, and set it in Space.

From the trailer, I can guess why the game is titled like that. But I’d rather have that title on a sci-fi epic, yes. ;)

I might watch this some day. Two fantastic actors for sure.

It certainly looks powerful. But I can rarely bring myself to watch movies like this. My mother died of Alzheimer’s, as did my mother-in-law. Just too many raw nerves still.

Tucci is one of my (many) actor blind spots. He’s referenced all the time, I’m sure I’ve seen dozens of films with him, and I have no idea what he looks like.


Assuming that’s him, still no idea.

He was in Devil Wears Prada:

Remember him now?

Face looks a little more familiar, but I didn’t see that film, so not really. I’m not getting any lighbulb in my head saying “Oh, he’s that character from that other film”. Which seems bananas given how often his name comes up on movie podcasts.

I also would not think they’re the same person as in Kolbex’s post unless informed otherwise.

Mine was a joke post as that was long ago and nobody would think of it when trying to remember him. I do think his face is not very memorable so I’m not surprised you can’t conjure it up at will.

Margin Call and Devil Wears Prada are what helped me recognize him elsewhere.

I really like him in Big Night, and obviously he is on the screen a lot, but his face in that film doesn’t register as “Stanley Tucci” for me in quite the same way. I think I rely too much on hairlines to recognize people.


Isn’t that the villain from Shazam? He looks so much like Tucci I have to wonder if he’s related somehow.

He’s the guy they call when Tucci turns down a role.

Nah, he has an entirely different presence, he’s much more likely to do roles where he’s an heavy, a gangster, someone who hurts people, that sort of thing.
Not to mention I can’t imagine Stanley Tucci screaming anything about the Emprah:

So it’s like how if you’re doing a drama, you cast Corey Stoll

But if it’s a comedy, you go with Paul Scheer

Or, John Carrol Lynch (drama)

And David Koechner (comedy)

See, he just looks like that dude out of The Wire and The Deuce (again, no idea what his name is). Can’t seem him in a comedy role.

Ah, that would be Chris Bauer. Hadn’t thought of him, but I definitely see the resemblance now.