Superpower 2

While lurking Ive found that many of the Game opinions here, especially Toms Reviews, pretty accurate after I`ve experienced playing the Game.

With that said, opinions on Super Power 2 ? Any Reviews in progress ?

It certainly seems to promise a lot in an field I`d like to Game, but does it deliver an accurate simulation of such a complex area as a geo-political/military strategy/war game combined with running an accurate model of a 21st. Century economy…and all working together ??


The fact that the game uses Starforce has stirred up a lot of controversy on the forums… other than that, it seems to be the same story as SP1 at the moment, buggy and seemingly incomplete. But I’m sure there will be a long line of patches to download in the future.

Is it out now? If it’s out with no reviews then that should speak volumes considering the original promised so much and delivered so little.

I should have a review up on Gamespy shortly. I don’t want to tip my hand, so I’ll just say if you’re thinking of picking up SuperPower 2, you might want to hold off until after you’ve seen the review.


Hmm Starforce AND a bad game to boot apparently… glad I didn’t pick this one up.

Superpower 1 was a great game/concept I was very excited about. Until I played it…

Horrible execution. I’m waiting for reviews on Superpower 2 before I believe any hype.

I found SP1 in the bargin bin so I decided to give it a try. I knew that the reviews for it weren’t good, but hey for $10 I thought I would give it a try. I had played it for an entire day and had everything in place for Australia in invade Indonesea, then the game wouldn’t let me. It was at this time I notice I had just spent 8 hours playing a game in which I had accomplished absolutely nothing. Suffice it say that I probably won’t get Superpower 2 unless it gets good reviews.


After awhile I’d launch nuclear weapons against my allies to see what the computer would do.

For some reason, one time, when I launched a missile at Canada (from the US) the British “retaliated” by sending their missiles over to France. I’m still puzzled over why that happened.