Superstar: anyone know anything about it?

Just saw this on HOTU and wondered if anyone had tried it. It sounds mildly interesting, but I don’t trust Mr. Underdog’s opinion enough to go for it sight unseen (I mean, c’mon, it’s a whopping six bucks):

Any opinions?

I downloaded that earlier today (about noon or so), it is now 6:02pm. Cool game overall, extremely similar to Rockstar. The main problem with it is that there are an extreme number of spelling errors. I’m the spelling error king, but this game really takes the cake. Nifty graphics, good concept, and pretty decent execution. It takes a long time to get to a point where you really start the benefit of your actions.

Some of the funnier aspects of the game? Rampant drug use(although not as over the top as Rockstar), picking up girls(or guys) in bars comes down to buying them stuff or getting them drunk, going to the graveyard to build up your creativity points.

Worth the $6 if you ask me. And hey, I notice the Under Dogs linked my site in the indie section, heh.

Thanks for the reply, GMicek. Based on your recommendation, I think I’ll pick it up.

I’m intrigued by the “going to the graveyard to build up your creativity points” bit. Is that where you take the girls you pick up in the bars or what? If so, that’s some sick shit… :)

Keats and Yeats are on your side
But you lose
'Cause weird lover Wilde is on mine

Haha, no, but you get a prostitute and have sex with her then you can choose to pay her, not pay her, rape her, and beat her up or something.

You go to the graveyard to and you can choose to “devastate”, sleep, comtemplate, or join a funeral. The effects of each one is fairly similar but they affect the different stats to a different degree.

One thing that’s funny is that my character(guitar player), the DJ, and the bass player all specialize in electronic music with a leaning towards industrial, but I had a chance to have a singer with really high stats join, but she specializes in Jazz. So it makes it challenging when trying to come up with songs. One cool part is that our DJ is a total ninja from Liechtenstein with great stats. Whenever I play a gig in the club I put him on “solo” for a few minutes and watch the crowd satisfaction climb.

Ok. Got the game and had a bang-up time designing my talentless, spoiled rich kid, techno lead guitarist–yes, that’s what I said–with the disco jewelry and golden dreadlocks. He’s so butt-ugly and idiotic, I just know he’s gonna rocket right to number one! He’s got some pretty stiff competition, though, in bands like Nuclear Lullaby and Metaphysical Aphrodisiac, so we’ll have to wait and see.

On a different note, I think I’m going to contact daisy-chain and see if they’d like me to help them clean up the text a little, as it could certainly use it. Besides, maybe that will give me an opportunity to meet this:

Jesus H Christ, I’m in love (and yes, I’m talking about the blonde).

Anyway, I’ll post my experiences after I have some more. Character creation was sure fun, though. Looks like its gonna be a pretty good ride for six bucks. Thanks!

Hehe, yeah, character creation is kinda cool. The name of my band is “S.P.F.” as in Satan Piss Fuck. Kind of an ongoing joke. Have three columns of words and combine one from each and you get typical heavy metal band names. I’m pretty sure that’s how the game does it for the song titles. I’m still trying to figure out why they have the calandar year start in 1996.

And yeah, some of the people in it are extremely scary. There are times where I have trouble figuring out what sex the person is. Ahh well, that’s rock 'n roll for ya!

Hahaha. I’m sure if you offer to fix the text they’ll let you touch her. Or not. Did you notice how low the system requirements are? Good lord, I’m actually questioning how new it really is.

“pentium CPU, 16 MB RAM, 11 MB HD space, SVGA card DOS and above 18 years MS-Windows NOT REQUIRED

I wondered that myself. And yeah, the band names (and song titles) are just assembled from text files you can find in the “dat” directory. I’m going to play around with them a little, since I know I can come up with some funnier stuff than what’s in the game–not that what’s there is horrible or anything.

And yeah, some of the people in it are extremely scary. There are times where I have trouble figuring out what sex the person is. Ahh well, that’s rock 'n roll for ya!

Me too. A couple of times I thought I was talking to a girl and it was a guy. But like you say, that can actually be considered fairly realistic.

My favorite quote so far is from when I tried to greet some chick at the bar: “Get away from me, you miserable artist!” Don’t ask me why I thought that was so funny, but I did, especially since it came from a four-star singer.

Did you notice how low the system requirements are? Good lord, I’m actually questioning how new it really is.

Oh, we’re definitely talking low-tech here. It’s about on a par with games dating from ten years ago. But that’s not terrible. It has that old-school feel about it that I like. And the complete lack of instructions definitely adds to the ambience :)

By the way, does your mouse work okay? Mine is really, really slow, and if I apply the patch, it stops working altogether. But I’m using a USB optical mouse, which plays havoc with a lot of DOS games, so maybe it’s just that.

Also, have you had trouble with saved games? Like I say, I’m using the unpatched version and all of my saves are getting corrupted. That pretty much sucketh, since it means I have to play the game through in one sitting. Moreover, whatever names I give my saved games don’t even show in the Load screen. All the slots say “Empty,” even though they’re not.

Oh, and Satan Piss Fuck? I’ll try to work that one in. (The word “Fucking” is already in one of the song title lists, I noticed.) :)

I think it’s funny that there are a million more singers than any other artists. It can be really difficult to find a specific band member if you’re trying to do the whole “traditional band line-up.” Although I notice it doesn’t really matter.

Ahh, see I thought I was missing something when comes to the instructions. I wonder if it has something to do with whole language barrier. The only problem I’ve had with the mouse is that it does move a bit slow, but not extremely slow. I’m using a USB mouse as well and am running Win98se. That whole savegame issue sounds like a pain. I’m just starting my tour (I’m 15 on the national charts!) and can’t imagine doing it without the use of a savegame.

By the way, if you’re have trouble with money I discoevered a little cheat. I feel like a cheesehead pointing it out but it’s an obvious one. Go to the church and beg money and you’ll notice no time passes. So just keep clicking away as you get anywhere between $1 and $5 from each passerby. I just put an object on my mouse button and left for a couple hours and came back with about $50,000. It reminded me of the cheat people would use in Syndicate(Leaving the game at the briefing screen overnight).