Just got around to watching the Discovery Channel movie Supervolcano. If you’ve been itching for a good end of the world flick, check it out. Much better than the crap you’ve been forced to sit through in the theater, and totally grounded in real science.

Definitely worth a watch - great stuff.

what’s their supervolcano? yellowstone national park?

I thought it was pretty cheesy. Grounded in real science, sure, but also over-the-top melodramatic. I would have prefered they used the fancy visuals to do a straight up documentary about the Yellowstone supervolcano.

But, there’ve already been half a dozen or so of those, run and rerun endless on the various Discovery Channels. They were looking for a new angle with the film.

Interesting how this topic is suddenly so popular. My ski trips to Mammoth, California led to my learning about the Long Valley “supervolcano” a decade ago. I subsequently visited Yellowstone (glorious) and a little known caldera in New Mexico as well. These things are fairly common. Scary.