Supreme Commander 360

Have any of our resident game writers been fiddling with an advance copy? The previews I saw wrote favourably about the control scheme, I’m just wondering if there is any word yet on the full game?

Got burned with Universe at War and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I’ll stick with the PC thanks. Two PC -> X360 ports is two too much for me.

Oh, well that’s good to know. How very helpful of you Rorschach. Although that’s not strictly an answer to the question I asked, I’m glad you were moved to join in :o

An early review by Gamespy isn’t too promising. The only console RTS I’m looking forward to playing is Red Alert 3.

Okay it may be a bit of a stretch and I’m not someone who does this for a living, but I bet they’re all under embargo or waiting for their articles to be published so I doubt you’ll hear from the people you’re looking for.

In my unprofessional opinion I’ve played Universe at War extensively and the demos for Middle Earth and C&C3 and I really, really doubt SC will be the RTS game to actually be great on a console. I think it would be an accomplishment if they can pull off the really big battles without overtaxing the CPU since it beat the crap out of general purpose computers let alone a console designed for graphics and not raw computation.

I saw both trailers on the control scheme and it looks something like Middle Earth’s command and select rose. For multiple units it looks like a corner to corner select box instead of a paintbrush. With the strategic zoom you don’t need a minimap but it doesn’t seem to have the d-pad nudge select so I’m concerned about pixel hunting.

Oh, I do like that they’ve included the “shift” key to queue up orders and production.

1UP FM (the EGM Live replacement) said the game has a 3-4 hour learning curve due to the controls being so complex.

I’m waiting for World in Conflict personally, I think the (somewhat) simplified interface could work well on a console. I’d like to see how they handle the team commands, though.

A micro-heavy clickfest like SC seems like the worst candidate for a port, IMO.

I don’t even want to know the type of hell that is SupCom360’s control scheme.

Heheh. “We think that this is certainly going to be the best control scheme for RTS games coming out next week”. Brilliant.

Just in case anyone other than me is interested, Tom weighs in:

Then there’s Supreme Commander on a 360’s gamepad. After going through the tutorial – and then figuring out the rest of the interface by reading the manual – it’s painfully obvious that the developers have no new ideas for how to adapt a real time strategy game to a console system.

And they didn’t change the overly fussy gameplay at all. With a yeoman’s revision, Supreme Commander could have been a perfect license for a console RTS, considering the automated economy, the central role of the commander unit, and the clean robot graphics. Instead, it’s an utter embarrassment. This thing is seriously almost unplayable. -Fidgit

Yikes. Takes game off Gamelfy queue…