Supreme Commander - NEW screenshots from IGN

they are at the most excellent IGN …

mmm mm good… they are taking alot of the Spring mod feel i can tell. GOOD STUFF TA FANS! Look at the size of the battlefields and the amount of destruction! PLUS THE 3d views… hope they stay in the release!


Thanks for the link. I love the open-field warfare. Except those those fire/explosion circular-blobs look weird.

I can’t wait for this game!

It does look like they are holding back on the graphical detail… but the amount of mayhem looks like it will be just like TA… juat like it should be.

Also, I got this from some post on the TA Spring boards about some features in SupCom…

  • supreme commander is fully upgradeable - defensive/offensive augs whatever suits you. mentioned jump jets/shield systems

  • resources come in the form of war mass (which is used to build units with) extracted from underground wells or by energy generated by reactors. resources are infinite (As in they dont diminish - same as TA)

  • everything is in scale - so for example barrels on a heavy tank are the same size as AA guns on a battleship

  • mention of a battleship with 4 aa guns, 3 huge main cannons and 2 anti-missile turrets

  • lots of mentions of relation to realism - such as battleship sagging backwards when their guns fire off, smaller units can go under the legs of bigger units Smile

  • can set up move/monitor patrol routes at the press of a button (much like TA i guess)

  • ability to queue up build orders for weapon factories still under construction (even if there not being currently built Shocked ), also be able to see when each new unit can enter the fray

  • guess people know this but just incase - 3 different factions the UEF, cybrans, aeons. mentions the style of there units

so, UEF = more human/familiar weaponry - heavy tanks/bombers/battleships etc
cybrans = robotic, so there stuff looks like alien including them spider walkers
aeons = possess sleek, simple single weapon units

  • mention of a unit that can convince the enemy that theres a large force bearing down on its base, when its just the one unit Shocked (that sounds sweet as)

  • 3 campaigns - comprise of 6/7 operations. each operation has between 2 and 5 missions

  • you dont start with a base - sup comm uses a quantam tunnel to appear on the planet and then you start building (same as TAspring multiplayer then basically)

  • a unit called the base commander (to me, this sounds awesome) that can be upgraded, it will remember where every factory in your base is, so if its attacked/destroyed it will automatically rebuild your base without you telling it to do so - aim is to remove micro’ing your base so you can concetrate on the front line

  • theres 2 paragraphs on a fight involving aircraft/ships that there demonstrated, as well as mention of a nuke sub Smile

  • experimental weapons!

the aeon can build there most devastating unit which is basically a huge ufo like the one outta independance day, can be used as a transport vessel and has a huge beam of death

Looks like its going to be EPIC!


You’ve never seen one of these before?

Screens look awesome, too bad it’s like a year wait. :(

It looks like the battlefield is being overrun by giant breakfast cereals.

I think he means the red blobs. They just need to bump the gamma and they will look fine, although the expanding sphere type of explosion is a bit old school. It would be better to do something a radial explosion, AOE III has some good examples of this. Still the game is under development and they may change that.

I wonder if they will have the odd worlds like they did in the original TA. All the screenies seem to be of earth like planets. It would be nice to have the metal rich lava or acid worlds, the cloud worlds, the metal poor worlds, the worlds where you could only recycle metal, the ocean worlds, etc…

The effects clearly aren’t done yet. I imagine those are just placeholders. I saw similar cornflake explosions on pre-release Earth2160 screens.

I also wouldn’t mind if the release date was in the summer or fall. I got AoE III now to play, and hopefully in a few months Ill have RoL to play, and I still have not opened my Galatic Civ 2 box yet. I do not need yet another RTS to add to the pile in the middle of all this.

I wouldn’t worry about that; it’s not supposed to come out until next year.

Damm, I thought it was said Last year that it would be this year. Well I hope spore comes out then by the summer or fall.

What are you guys excited about? All these features are being done in other games that are already out. Apparently.

Oh, god, not again…

Shut up, Chick.

Name one other RTS that features giant cheese puffs. One.

The submarine shot was very, very sweet. Wonder if it’ll actually look like that in-game?

I want this game. I’m looking forward to this game more so than I’ve looked forward to any movie or any other entertainment type event.

You never had a bachelor’s party, eh? ^^

I hope they add a bit more artistic touch to the units. It was one of TA’s few weakpoints, and everything still looks like big robots. Don’t get me wrong, big robots are REALLY COOL, but after so many it gets a tad boring.

I liked the screenshots that came out last year, but is it just me or do they now look a lot WORSE?

Rise of South Park: Cheesy Poof Command.

Oh wait, that was just a good dream I had last night.