Supreme Commander, take 3

The second patch just went up. The minimized UI still doesn’t allow for a minimap, so it’s pretty useless to me. But they say they made more room for the build queue and building options, so I imagine some folks might find it more useful.

Big props to THQ or Gas Powered Games for removing the CD check! What were they thinking releasing it with a CD check?


Sweet sauce.

Nearly all my games have CD checks.

Download link, please?

Yes, but only of your recent THQ games has a CD check. Guess which one it is. Well, was.


Does it have the nvida crash fix in it?

Wow, they removed the CD check on SupCom, too?

I <3 THQ.

[ul][li] Blue screen crashes: Resolved an issue where some users were experiencing hard crashes after applying the 3189->3217 patch.
[li] SecuROM: The disc-check security feature has been removed (except for Polish, Russian, and Chinese-Traditional releases).
[li] Language Updates: Polish Unicode fix for some missions’ localization data.
[li] MP Exploit Enhancement System: The game now verifies that an enhancement order is valid before proceeding.
[li] Mini UI: Construction manager, Queue manager, and Selection manager now stretch horizontally to fill the bottom of the screen.
[li] In-Game Chat
[/li]> * Shift+Enter now sends chat to allies.

  • Incoming messages will no longer prevent strategic zoom function or display factional icons.
  • Messages should no longer disappear in an active chat window.
    Special Note: 8-Player Games: A known issue exists for Update 3220, where some 8-player games experience crashes during gameplay. Initial testing indicates a memory allocation issue. However, stats indicate that 8-player games are approximately .5% of all games being played, so our decision was to release the update with this known issue.

Special Note: SecuROM and Mod Users: If you have modified your game in order to defeat SecuROM disk authentication (or performed any modification, for that matter), it is likely that Update 3220 will cause problems for you. To correct this, you must uninstall Supreme Commander, reinstall and then connect to GPGnet to patch up.

Hah. Oh my.

They removed the CD check. Cool.

Now the warez-kids have NO impetus to not warez the game. Nice way to reward the people who give you their $50.

Still on Coh now, has anyone tried the patch yet. Has it fixed the BSOD’s for anyone?

Warezed copies have never had a problem getting around CD checks. I suspect THQ is banking on the fact that shutting pirates out of MP is where copy protection serves them best.


So do we have a clan on I’m “Xemu”, just finally made an account. Under the clan tab I only see “create clan” as an option…

Is the only reason you’d buy it that you couldn’t get around the CD check otherwise? They’re rewarding the people who paid for the game by not making it less convenient than the warez version.

As Tom said, there’s also the small matter of the CD key.

It doesn’t shut out multiplayer for pirates at all. It shuts out for pirates, and that is it. Basically, you lose the multiplayer game browser (oh, and ranking/friends… convenience stuff). You can still host or connect to people running copies of the game, legal or otherwise, without jumping through any more hoops than usual (IP & port number).

I know when I dabbled in casual piracy (when broke in college), that was always the kicker. CD checks ain’t shit, they don’t stop anybody. Keeping people out of multi is the most effective tool publishers have in their anti-piracy arsenal, no matter what Macrovision or StarForce tell you.

Did they fix anything when it came to the single player mission bugs?

No, the reason I bought it is because I’ve been looking forward to it for ages and I think it was $50 well spent. The point is that all this does is make it easier for kiddies to download and play without paying. It sends the wrong message.

CD Checks suck though. Overruled.

Well Gogamer has Sup Com for 34 bucks now so…