Supreme Commander--VIDEO TUTORIALS?

Just got this, installed it, fiddled with it for a few minutes. One thing…am I missing something, or is there no in-game tutorial–the video tutorials are it?

If I’m not missing something, this is BS, sorry.

That’s it, you can mess around with everything in sandbox mode.

or conversly, watch some of the replays from our multiplayer matches. Pfreak and I have some.

How do you set up a gamertag to show under your location?

Just in case anyone is as slow as I am. There are more tutorials than the 12 that are displayed, including one on ferrying. They’re under the pulldown menu.

But some of them look like they were filmed on earlier builds. The ferrying one, for example, has a beacon that I haven’t seen in-game.

Yeah, you can just build and build and build in the Tutorial mode. That’s probably a good way to learn what to do to keep your economy in tune.