Supreme Ruler 2010: Anyone have thoughts?

This one seemed to slip almost complete under the radar. I did a quick search, and did not find any real impressions whatsoever. Thought on the game from those who have played it?

It’s OK. Lots of menus, and some of the features don’t quite work as well as advertised. It’s the type of game that rewards deep study, but it could take a while to figure out everything going on. The tutorials help in some regard.

Positives: Interesting scenarios and maps, lots of policies to tinker with, solid military model.

Negatives: Diplomacy frustrating, too many policies to tinker with, interface has way too many layers.

If you are interested in grand strategy games, it is certainly worth a look. It’s much better than Superpower 2 and it’s not like the world is crawling with modern geopolitical sims.


I thought it was a bit of a clickfest, but fun for all that. :)

(Gamespot liked it. 70-ish score, as I recall.)


Well there was a thread about Surpeme Ruler around the time of it’s release but it died off before we found the conversation…

But since you’ve started a new thread, I thought I would take the time to complete a registration and offer to answer any questions you might have.

Since the game’s release in May, we have worked hard to improve the product even further. We are currently working on our fifth update and have added missions, scenarios and over 100 units to the game. Our next update will also include a new World scenario with the map divided into 31 nations instead of the 9 created for the final scenario of the campaign. While the scenario is somewhat futuristic in redrawing boarders, it does allows players to try conflicts such as India/Pakistan, Turkey/Greece or Russia/China.

If I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Chris Latour
Battlegoat Studios