Surprise! A guy named "Lance" is gay!


Waiting for confirmation from the other four.

I have no idea regarding his sexuality, but one of the best names for a military officer I’ve ever seen:

I used to work with a Major Hurtin (and heard rumors of a Major Load, though I never met the guy), which is a great name, but Lance Lord is pretty much the ultimate gay porn name.

So Lance Armstrong is gay too?

Probably. Dating Sheryl Crow about amounts to denial.

What? This trollop broke up Chip and Reichen?

It wouldn’t have been such a surprise if people had known that Lance Bass was a stage name and that his real name is Lance Bvagina.

Oh my gosh! That’s perfect! Isn’t Lance Bass the voice of Sephiroth in the English versions of Kingdom Hearts? Soooo perfect!

And the other who has to be gay has to be the one named Joey FAT-ONE!


Nah, he chopped the gay nut off.

They, uh, they split up months ago.

Lance looks like a troll, how did he get somebody like Reichen?

Yeah. Armstrong has since found his way into a “very stable” relationship.

Well, denial can’t last forever. He shaves his legs professionally.

I dun get it.

See post 7 in this very thread!

Forget Reichen. Chip went to school with me at Yale and his mom was my mother’s maid of honor at her wedding…Truly nice guy, and I was glad he won the Amazing Race…too bad about Reichen though - and yes this is the only Reality TV star I know.

Good podiums there, I hear.

I miss Jose Liz.