Surprise! Going in for retinal detachment eye surgery tomorrow AM

Send tots and pears. This was not on my Easter Long Weekend Bingo card.

Oh gawd - that super sucks, I hope the surgery goes smoothly and everything turns out well! Good luck!

Why are you having your retina detached.

To level up my Zen Buddhism.

Thots in pairs headed your way!

Sorry to hear that, @rei . Eye stuff freaks me out. Still kinda not over having signed off on “you may wake up without one of your eyes” that one time.

That sucks, but good job on timing your surgery between COVID surges.

Glad you got that checked out quick. See, drilling a hole is always the solution!

Good luck. We are rootingbfir you.

Oh man, good idea. I’m gonna make an appointment right now.

Ick that sounds painful.

There is a possibility that I may need this as well. Please let us know how it goes. And regardless of the memes, my thoughts are with you.

I sincerely hope you keep both of your eyes, but in case of the worst, please consider my own plan in case of eye loss: a sick eye patch and a pair of Huginn and Munnin tattoos on my shoulders (floppy hat optional).

One of the most horrific things I was told before a surgery – I forget who told me this, but it was someone I believed at the time and the person was a medical official – was that I would be awake for the surgery, but because of the anesthetic, I wouldn’t remember it.

It wasn’t true. As far as I know.

Good luck, @rei! Drop us a line when you get out and let us know the least bad part of it!


That sounds scary. Good luck!

They told me the same thing before my colonoscopy. I imagine you are “awake” but probably rather dopey, as though you’ve had too much to drink. I have no memories of it, though, so I can’t really say!

I was awake for my cataract surgery. I was terrified of getting a needle in my eye. What they did was keep putting drops in my eye that made it completely numb. Then my next fear was moving my eye while they did the surgery.

Ultimately I was just lying down and there was a really bright light in my eye. I could see some weird stuff going on. Like when they sucked out the lens. I was completely awake the whole time.

10/10 would do it again. Actually I need my right eye done.

Goddammit, my dude, I’ve been told a bunch of times that I’m a shoo-in for cataract surgery sooner than later and none of this is helping.

Tots and pears and turtles all the way down, Rei.

Oh yeah they told me I have cataract surgery to look forced to after this

This sucks, man. But if it makes you feel better, I know >1 person who’ve had retinal detachments and are now doing fine.