Surprise! Going in for retinal detachment eye surgery tomorrow AM

Oh God good luck dude.

Do it. Trust me. You don’t feel a thing. I’m sorry if what I wrote made you feel afraid. The bottom line is you will feel nothing and two days later you will have 20/20 vision in that eye.

Microsurgery and medicine in general is amazing these days. I had a family member requiring a bowel resection, literally removing part of his intestines. Even 10 years ago this would be a major operation, very invasive, large cuts flaying you open like a trout, requiring months of recovery and possibly even a colostomy bag, which is a scary thing indeed to contemplate.

He made it back home in 2 days. No pain a tylenol couldn’t handle. No physical therapy required. Just couldn’t bend over or squat for a couple of weeks to preserve the stitches.

Thanks, Rich.

I’m just now getting into a period in which my eyes seem to be getting massively shittier sooner than later.

We’ll see how it goes.

Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that Rei. I wish you a swift recovery.

My favorite part was when a nurse was writing on my forehead.

What was that?
It’s an arrow to show the surgeon which eye to do.

not helping


Yes, that was the one! I was horrified to hear that. But since I have no memory of having been awake, I don’t know if it even happened. So in addition to a colonoscopy, I got a weird mindfuck.

It really is. I was flayed open similar to your family member’s surgery. They cut under my ribcage and peeled back my skin so they could reach my lung. It was a drastic surgery, with a long recovery process, but you’d never know to look at me. The scar doesn’t even have those badass Frankenstein’s monster cross stitches. Furthermore, it shrank and now it’s just barely a line in my side. If I twist a certain way so my side ripples, you can’t even see it! What a gyp!


Inform your doctor before the surgery , that you heard he is the best at re-attaching retinas. That way the surgery is guaranteed to go well.

Best of luck!

Indeed, worst part by far of a colonoscopy is the prep. Not fun.

ProTip, if you get the “Suprep” it’s two 6 ounce bottles as opposed to eight frickin’ LITERS of mucus-tasting Golytely. The suprep also tastes foul but at least you don’t need to drink an insane amount of it. And the effect is the same. You will poop. Oh, how you will poop.

In my case, after the car accident, I had a depressed skull fracture. They cut across my skull and peeled my face down like peeling a rabbit. The surgery was over 22 hours.

I wanted the video. My doctor refused. He said that it would be traumatic to watch.

Damn dude, good luck with the procedure!

I was lying there watching the nurse plug the drug tube into my hand catheter and turned to the doctor and said, “Hey doc, how long until this stuff takes effect?” And the doctor said, “Well, we usually have people count backwards from ten, so probably about that long,” and the literal next thing I knew, like a smash cut in a movie, I was sitting in a padded chair in the recovery room looking at a clock on the wall feeling dopey as hell.

My best friend had one years ago, and all went well, @rei

Wishing you the very same successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

Good luck, man. I had a retinal hole develop a few weeks ago. Doctor shot a laser in my eye and I guess it’s OK now - according to him, anyway. I still have a ton of floaters that I guess I’ll have forever.

They should allow a severance procedure before undergoing this.

They really need to change the name of that stuff to “Gofuckyourself”

Gotcha covered on the waffle party afterwards!

Good luck!

Depending on the anesthetic, the waking up process can be actually fun.

Good luck.