Surveillance Laws misused

Shock horror! Who’d have thought that could possibly happen?

Loca Councils can instigate surveillance, access email and phone records plus CCTV footage using those lovely RIPA laws brought in to save us from the terrorists when they suspect that a “crime might be committed”.

Councils then use the powers to find out if families really do live within the catchment area of a school:

Or in littering investigations, or finding out who’s letting their dog shit on the pavement

I’m no fan of dog shit on the pavement, but I’m not sure we need Surveillance to crack the problem. I’m all for leaving them in a police cell for 42 days though, maybe we can misuse that law to our advantage too.

[edit] Actually I guess they aren’t being misused, the wording on the legislation is vague enough that although it was claimed that the laws were intended to prevent serious crime such as terrorism its perfectly possible for it to be interpreted and applied to any action that could be construed as potentially criminal like dropping litter.

I say, wots all this then?