Survival kids on DS

Does this look freakin’ awesome to anyone else?

I noticed that a couple days ago. It does indeed look awesome.

This is exactly the kind of innovative new gaming that Nintendo hyped up with the DS. Who knows if it will actually use the touchscreen, microphone, and dual screens in any particularly impressive way (though I’m sure there will be some), but this is a kind of game that just doesn’t get made very often, and it looks like a good example of it. Last one I can think of is Robinson’s Requiem, which was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

I’d love a new R.Requiem, that game was evil-tough.

The other 2 survival kids games I’ve played are cutsey but in the same vein. They just have pokemon esque graphics where this version is realistic. I think the touchscreen could have a ton of cool uses in this type of game…

How many Survival Kids games are there? I’ve never heard of the series. Are any of them in English?

2 (afaik)

#1 had a US release. #2 is sorta barely being translated by fans, no progress that I know of though.

#1 is nice, very ugly though.

Hmmm might be fun!

Wonder how they’ll convert survival into a gameworld.