Surviving High School

Ok…so I was sitting in the doctor’s office today and was checking out demo’s of cellphone games…

Played a few till I got to this one, got to tell you I got really hooked on it…

Some highlights of my 20 minutes…

Started dating the weird Goth chick in my English Class.

Found out Adam was cheating on Beth with her cousin who is going to college.

Beth and Jess both started flirting with me.

Got an A in both English and History.


Adam beat me in arm wrestling; Jess saw this and called me a wuss.

Goth chick called me a wuss when I said we should sit in the back of the movie theatre.

Tony beat me in tennis.

Failing French.

Pretty involving stuff here. Overall, I think I might actually buy this game for my cellphone.

Also, my wife seemed pretty mad about me talking about how I was sure to score with the goth chick.

No Smartphone/WM version I take it?

Pffft… when the time comes, give her The Shocker.

Jeez, only two posts in before a Shocker comment. Whitta’s influence is boundless.

I was just thinking like a highschooler in a ‘that bitch doesnt want to neck? she wants to WATCH “Doc Hollywood”?!?’ situation.