Surviving Mars - Paradox Strategy


I don’t think there is a topic for this… yet (apologies if it is buried in another one)

2018 is a bit of a ways away but this kind of reminds me of Utopia… which I have some very fond memories of.


I hope it turns out to be as good as Colony.


Paradox game coming out in 2018 will be awesome by 2020, mark your calendar! I do love me some Paradox, but two years past release is about the time they seem to need for their games to feel done.


I hope it turns out as good as Outpost.


Well hopefully they will do better than that. There more recent games did pretty well in comparison to what their old rep was… well except Stellaris.


Published by Paradox but developed by Haemimont (Tropico 3-5). So I guess this will be a little bit like 3D Tropico in space? I’m cautiously optimistic.


I hope it turns out better than SimMars.


Planetbase was an excellent game that ran short on stuff to do and interesting dilemmas. So if this is a game where we have 100% more things to do than in Planetbase it could be amazing. If it’s Tropico 5 on Mars it will be horrible.


Theres been a wake of great Mars themed board and video games in the past 5 years. Let’s hope this one adds to the pile of quality games!


I hope it turns to be as good as Startopia


I hope it turns out better than the last four Tropico games.


I’m not crazy about how the factions are handled in Tropico, or some of the superfluous features, but I think it gets the basics better than most city builders. The player is rewarded for smart layout and traffic management. I wish they would take those basics and make a more serious city builder.


Yeah 3-4 aren’t too bad, unless the complaint is mostly about how hard it is. 5 didn’t do enough to change (had similar feel between 3 and 4 too). MP in 5 is actually fun too.


Paradox never mails me about anything, but the first time they finally bother to do so, it’s for a game that comes out in a year and a half. The fuck?


I hope it turns out better than Superman 64.


Did you mean that it is hard or not hard enough? The campaign was a cakewalk in #4 (as much as I played of it). It was pretty hard to fail even if I knew I wasn’t playing optimally.


As in hey are not as hard as Tropico 1 or 2 campaigns and scenarios, but the visuals and theme remained good. I think they just needed to offer some options with difficulty. 3,4 and 5… i don’t think they let the series bake long enough before they pumped out the others but I still enjoyed them…


Tropico 3 and 4 are amazing and you are all monsters. 5 is an utter turd, though.

I thought Haemimont was owned at least in part by Kalypso. Turns out maybe not? Good for them, I suppose.


Why is 5 a turd? I thought most people were simply unhappy because it just wasn’t much more than what 4 already was, not that there was something fundamentally wrong with it…


They put a big emphasis on combat (including a bunch of “you must win this battle to progress” scripted stuff) but the combat was if anything worse - you’d have tanks stuck on the other side of the island while your palace was being burnt to the ground. Just dumb.