Surviving Mars - Paradox Strategy


It’s developers not believing in their own vision, and catering to the needs/wants of a vocal minority. See also late changes to smaller games like Chaos Reborn and Skyshine’s Bedlam.


Well then you have FFXIV… thank god they listened. They relaunched the whole thing, and it was super awful before that.


Which is why you need good management and project directors. To recognize good ideas that should be acted on and when to ignore stuff.


Wait, there are Final Fantasy games out there that are actually good?!

(Sorry not sorry.)


Har har.

I promise you though, even the most devoted FF fan not in love with that GUI and really strange, oh my god what is happening delay they had with… everything.

As @jpinard pretty much said, it’s a balancing act. They should not dismiss the feedback entirely, but work through it and manage it.

I also think it’s a mistake to limit that kind of feedback to fans only… they need a mix of long-term fans, new players and just random folks. I feel like we had a few games held back because the fans were afraid to say, you should not do this. It’s up to them to listen but if you don’t even have someone to say that… errr.


And I think I am gonna revisit this over the weekend. :D


The RPS review is glowing.

Will have to install this again.


You aren’t kidding!

The business of terraforming utterly defines Surviving Mars, to the point where it’s hard to remember what the point of playing was beforehand. Imagine if they’d only added the portal mechanic to Portal after a year, for example, or if they’d gotten three films into the Alien franchise without any xenomorphs showing up. Whether you played the base game or not, if you’ve ever wanted a game about terraforming, you must immediately acquire this.


Take one for the team lordkosc! It wasn’t great at launch, but not so bad I’m ready to totally write it off. I’ll be interested in your opinions.


Oh I bought the season pass all the things edition at launch, so I think I got this dlc free as part of that pack. I’ll be playing it when I am off for sure!

MOAR from RPS:

If it had launched in this state (even at a higher price), my hand would have slammed that Bestest Best sticker all over it.


So does it need the DLC then to be good?


Yep the Green Planet DLC apparently gives the game a real purpose. :)


Got damn.


I am just glad to hear the dev’s salvaged this with a quality DLC expansion. As I felt the main game was exciting as plain boiled potatoes after the first 2-3 hours of founding a colony.


Wow this is unexpected good news. I liked the game better than most anyone on the forum so I’m anxious to try it. But unfortunately, I got Anno 1800 to get through first.


Looking at this end game screenshot for the dlc, I like how the dome’s drop their bubble once the air is breathable. Also lakes and forests!

I feel the need to fire up a Chick signal and hope that @tomchick revisits this with the DLC.
I bet Tom is the best at terraforming.


Re-installing this immediately. I bought the super-duper edition back in the day, so it includes all the DLC. I don’t feel quite so silly now anymore. :-P


Same here, the DLC up till today has been… lackluster.


This looks great. I note that if you don’t have any of the DLC, you can get the discounted season pass for only a few bucks more than Green Planet, and it gives you the new animal DLC, space race, and other bits and bobs.


$20 for the season pass @ wingamestore.