Surviving Mars - Paradox Strategy


They did a pretty good job with the pure city-builder parts of Tropico, but not with politics, combat, or staying true to the tone of the original. Hopefully in this new game there will be more of an emphasis on city-building. And without having the name Tropico to live up to, I’ll be a lot more forgiving if it’s not a masterpiece.


I hope it turns out better than the Atari version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.


I hope it turns out to be as good as Kingdom of Kroz.


Looks…pretty good so far.


I am so glad that my life has led me to a place where I’m not trying to stream gameplay of a survival crafter from the Gamescom floor.


I remain cautiously optimistic.


To my great surprise this is coming out… very soon? really? This really crept up on me.

Release Date: March 15th

Here are some youtube ‘preview’ letsplays:



That looks really good actually. Thank you.


The game looks very interesting to me, even though I would have preferred something nearer future (like the Martian move except with more people) than the tech here.

One concern I have is with replay value. As I understand it, there is no campaign mode and the change with each play through is starting conditions (by changing sponsor), map randomisation, and some randomness in the tech tree. Anyone know if there’s anything else? Might not have the hours of fun to justify $40 for me.


In Quill’s video preview he mentioned that they also random the “mystery” per-playthrough, which is the late-game quest. We won’t be able to evaluate if that solves the replayability issue until we know how many options it’s choosing from and how different they are from each other.


Looks interesting, but I don’t see any reason to preorder. Did I miss something?


Does this game have a demo? I ask because I swear I have played it before.


No demo I know of. I will wait for reviews, as the Tropic Dev’s are hit or miss for me.

I saw 10% discount on Steam for Cities Skylines owners.


Man, too bad I am on a restricted Budget right now. This looks really interesting.


Don’t pre-order games people!

But if you do… here are a few screen captures of the cosmetic dlc that comes with the deluxe edition:


Haha, I read this just after putting Surviving Mars in my greenmangaming cart. They have it for $31!


Is that with a discount code? It shows $39.99 for me


Yeah, there’s a 22% discount code for it in the VIP section.


Yep, click VIP then “get your voucher” on the second one, then apply the discount code at checkout.

@lordkosc is right of course, but I love the concept of this so much I think I would buy it even if the reviews are mixed.