Surviving Mars - Paradox Strategy


I pre-ordered too, I just made sure to remind everyone its sometimes a bad idea! :D


Heh. I barely have enough time for the games I have, one was a pre-order but I did do the beta. I look forward to the feedback though. I don’t really have this genre in the gaming playlist, yet.


This is a game I’m really looking forward to. However, every time I’ve watched someone else playing it (on Youtube of course) it just doesn’t look terribly engaging. I’m hoping it’s one of those games that is more fun to play when you’re actually doing it (plus, to be fair, a lot of the tech tree has not been present in these games, plus, I’ve been trying to keep the “mystery” part a…uh… mystery to me. So maybe there is a lot I’m missing).

I definitely need some good feedback from early purchasers. So thanks for pre-ordering (and early buying) it people!


Isn’t that just because some games (I would argue most) games don’t stream well? City builders in general don’t have exciting game play, the fun is designing and watching your city grow.


Yeah, I’m willing to concede that @LeeAbe, which is why I am willing to wait for other peoples’ initial impressions. I also remember how I got caught up in the excitement when Stellaris released, got it right away, and then was disappointed at the state of the game. So I’m willing to let people buy and play it and give impressions before I take the plunge.


Yep I totally agree with you both, perfect example for me was last years Aven Colony. Watching people play was soo boring, I even had un-wishlisted the game from Steam. Turned out by the end of last year, with content drops, positive word of mouth and a decent sale price, I grabbed it and it turned out to be really great.


Looks like a very interesting game.


That’s how I feel about pretty much every game being streamed lol.




More game play:


Totally agree.


I can’t find that VIP button anywhere. I might be going blind, or just plain dumb.


I think they got rid of that with their March Madness sale. If you add it to your cart the price now drops to $32.79.


ahh txs.


I preordered this, am suck a sucker. I’ve been enjoying the quill18 tutorial series:


Fanatical is sporting a 15% discount on this.


Thanks for posting. That looks amazing. (Paradox game plays are pretty bad compared to Quill’s.)

Who, what is that?

(edit: never mind, I figured out how to use Google.)

Edit 2: bought.


Yeah, they rebranded from Bundle Stars late last year.


I am looking over Surviving Mars and was wondering is a Season Pass really worth buying. I have never purchased one for any game and I am thinking that eventually the expansions and dlc will become cheaper. Any thoughts?


I personally wouldn’t buy a season pass when you don’t know what is going to be in it. The only time I have ever done that is Hearts of Iron IV, which turned out really great, but that was only because the game was a sure thing for me.