Surviving the Aftermath - What Happens After You Survive Mars?

I’m not saying I learned anything from those trailers, but I will say that there’s a new entry on my calendar for November 16th.


Caveat Emptor Alert! I have not followed the game or it’s development since i last played in January, so I have no idea what might have changed since then, but i REALLY REALLY disliked the entire game after putting some hours into it and realizing just how tissue thin the game-play is and how totally irrelevant the bulk of the ‘content’ actual is. I believe my summary was that it was simply a shallow idle-clicker with no real brain-power or critical decision making required. If you like waiting for timers to count down so that you can do the next incredibly obvious and mouse-click heavy ‘action’…then this is the game for you. Don’t be fooled by the bullet-point list of ‘features’, most of them are totally irrelevant/useless and have no consequential game-play function other than allowing an advertising blurb to lure in the unwary.

If you want actual details/examples feel free to waste 14 minutes of your life watching/listening to a conclusion video I made when I decided to prematurely end a Twitch/YouTube play-though back in January.

@Vormithrax Seems like they had a lot of updates since then, do you plan to revisit?

Also have you played Endzone: A World Apart? I really liked that game.

Good luck getting people to watch videos in this thread buddy, ha ha!

I have no plan to revisit. Every aspect of the ‘game’ was shallow/simplistic/irrelevant once you got past the initial ‘grocking’ period. Nothing I have seen in more recent videos or the forum posts leads me to believe that some kind of update-miracle has occurred that totally overhauls every system.

At least they had the guts to realize how dumb their colony gate/upgrade system was and put that out of it’s misery. My many other complaints seem unaddressed though.

Believe me I hope no one wastes their time watching that video (or their money buying this ‘game’).

I watched and commented on your video!
I saw it was part 9, you played this game over 8 hours!

Actually I bought this game quite a while back, it’s one of the few game I own on Epic that I paid actual money for. Haven’t yet spent a lot of time with it but I will have to give it a spin when 1.0 releases. Just to see for myself.

Ok that made me lol for real!

Is there a video, explaining this joke?

It’s not much of a joke, Spect was giving me grief upthread about posting the 1.0 release video but not posting the release date.

It is actually a metajoke, us old geezers don’t watch videos about games, we want manuals or press releases, preferable on stone tablets.

And still no release date from you guys… The game is leaving EA on 16th november.
I bought this on Epic back in january. Tried it for about an hour or 3. Let’s really dive in this game when it hits 1.0x.

Kids these days, with their videos and streams. It’s so complicated! Just tell the town crier the date so he can inform us all.

BTW, this is also having it’s “Last EA discount” during the Paradox Halloween sale. 25% off - $18.74.

I will be! Though I’m curious if there’s going to be any changes from the latest beta to release except minor balancing tweaks between now and then.

After @Vormithrax 's posts up thread, I am hesitant to buy it without people reviewing the 1.0 version first.

I am sure it will be 25% off again by years end. :)

That’s true. Thanksgiving and Christmas sales yet to come and Paradox games ALWAYS go on sale.