Surviving the Aftermath - What Happens After You Survive Mars?

That’s true. Thanksgiving and Christmas sales yet to come and Paradox games ALWAYS go on sale.

Anyone playing? I see there have been 3 updates since release.

I put in 30 hours in early Jan, first update I believe.

I restart a couple of times and made it to the middle game, but not the end game.

It is not a bad game, and the UX is improved considerably from early Access. it is just not very original. The fights are pretty generic, as are the characters. I don’t remember having the feeling that I found something that was super exciting,or was really compelled to keep playing.

I enjoy learning new games and moving up the Chick Parabola, but I never felt compelled to reach the top, much less ride the parabola down.


I like this game, but I’m not convinced this is a DLC I’d want. I would have wanted to see an expanded map where you build your city, not more stuff in the expedition zone.

Moon broke dlc.

This is free until Nov 23rd on the Epic store…

I played through the campaign and it was…OK. The theming was decent, along with the events - but there really isn’t anything that is better than average. Exploring and looting in the world is fun for a while, but the game does drag on for the last half. I didn’t really feel like I needed to be efficient or come up with clever solutions. Maybe it was because I didn’t crank up the difficulty for bad events - pretty much left everything on medium.