Survivor 37: David vs Goliath


There have been several contestants that have achieved some level of fame outside of Survivor. There have been multiple former NFL players (Gary Hogeboom, Steve Wright, Grant Mattos, Tyler Fredrickson and Brad Culpepper), former MLB baseball players (Jeff Kent and John Rocker), a former NFL coach (Jimmy Johnson), former NBA players (Cliff Robinson and Dan Hastings) actress Lisa Whelchel. I believe there have been others as well, but the athletes are the ones I am more familiar with.



I had a feeling Christian was going home when it was clear he was being ignored for the entire episode, plus going all Roberto Duran at tribal clinched it.


I suspect there will be an invitation to return for a subsequent season.


No doubt.


The Christian boot episode was very dissatisfying, as was the rest of the season, for me.

There’s a moment in the finale that kind of points to one of the reasons it bothers me. After he gets betrayed yet again, and Davey gets voted out, the eventual winner is understandably upset. In past season, people treated this game way too seriously, so I feel like overall it’s been a great change that people who grew up watching the game now treat it differently. They know it’s a game, and betrayal is part of the game, but now it’s gone maybe too much to the other extreme. The others on the beach were essentially saying “Pffft, can you believe this guy is upset just because he got betrayed on survivor, what a baby”. I don’t want them to take it too seriously, I want them to have perspective, but come on, as a viewer of the show, I want them to get upset when they betrayed. I don’t want Christian to just sit there and go, well, you won today, well played, let’s move on. He can say that the next day, but in the heat of the moment, as a viewer, I want to see some emotion too.

Anyway, that’s a weird strange rant. Sorry about that. The next season looks like it has some returning players.


Are there any ancient threads about the first season of Survivor? I couldn’t find any, but always a chance I’m forgetting some Discourse search trick.

Never watched any of the show at all until watching season one this past week. Thought it would be fascinating to see what we thought about it 18 years ago.


I can’t find any earlier than 2005, where they discuss the 10th season. Google search found a few incidental mentions in other threads about some of the older seasons, but nothing discussing the first season as it happened.

I know that I got all my Survivor discussion back in the early days from TelevisionWithoutPity, which seems to have disappeared from the internet, even from the Internet Archive.


Miss Ali’s recaps were the best. It’s not Survivor, but I did manage to find her masterful retelling of the legend of Colin and the Broken Ox (Amazing Race)


Anyone watching Season 38? When it started, my DVR recorded it, and I accidentally deleted it, and then said, screw it, I don’t need to watch Survivor this season anyway, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for it for some reason.

But since I just signed up for CBS All Access for a free month (Code: MADDASH btw), I was wondering if anyone here as been watching. Is it worth spending time on? If not, there’s plenty of other content on CBS now.


I’m watching, and so far I’ve been enjoying the season. There have been better and worse seasons.


When did it start? I didn’t know it was on.


According to they aired the 5th episode on March 20th. It started on Feb 20th.


NOW you tell me! I got some catching up to do.