Survivor 40: Winners at War

OK, none of us seem to have watched Survivor 39. Maybe this time!
They’re bringing back a lot of former winners for this season. And it’s on right now in the Eastern/Central time zones. Go go go!

Enjoyed the first half and I’m one of the few who like Edge of Extinction (I like that we get to see a different and mostly more cooperative dynamic and to have players get more Survivor time) so I’m happy. Not sure why Rob and Sandra weren’t kneecapped but their teams within the first 3 minutes. They are both such obvious targets and super strong players.

I watched season 39. It was boring. This season should be more entertaining. As for kneecapping Rob and Sandra, they are obvious targets but by no means the only ones. And we don;t know what all the relationships are outside the game that are in play here.

Season 39 was one of the worst seasons ever, and likely resulted in us being denied Richard Hatch’s presence on the Winners at War season, but maybe that’s just as well given his All-stars performance.

I love, love, love the cast for this season. For a fan of the show since the beginning, this is an “Avengers” moment, as seeing Yul and Jeremy and Adam, etc. interact with Tyson, Boston Rob, Parvati, etc. is like seeing Thor meet Hulk and Iron Man. So many potentially interesting dynamics, and they did an amazing job getting such a strong list of winners. The “out of the game” pre-show alliances will hopefully help to offset the most strategic and dynamic characters being eliminated immediately. Once players get their feet under them a bit, I think the dynamics will take a life of their own.

I love Yul - what a great start for him.

Yeah, we’re definitely in a situation where EVERYONE is a threat, but Sandra ABSOLUTELY should’ve been cut at her team’s first tribal. I have no idea why they didn’t go for her immediately, but I guess I see why they went with Amber.

Edge of Extinction is cool, and it looks like they’re going to give players on that side more to do than previously, which is also a nice twist.

My girlfriend feels the same way. I’ve only been watching it since we’ve been together – so, 6-ish years now – and I don’t know most of these people. First episode was pretty awesome, though.

Yeah. I remarked to my wife that the “The Godfather is back.” It really is a great line-up of winners who play hard.

There have been 39 seasons of this? Holy cow. How many tropical islands are there? A lot I guess.

At least the last few years, they’ve mostly been in Fiji.

They seem to do two seasons per calendar year, at least most years. I think the show’s been on for about 20 years.

Exactly 2 seasons a year and 20 years of history.

That’s what I thought, but last night I think someone said they played “20 years ago” and the overlay said they were on season 3, so I wondered if maybe it was 22 years and the first couple of years they only did one a season or something. I just wasn’t sure enough after that to make the statement definitively, but that’s about what I thought. Thanks for clarifying! :-)

I think they were talking about Amber, who did play 20 years ago (season 2). Ethan played in season 3, which was 19 years ago.

I watched the episode on CBS All Access finally. Wow, that was really great! I loved watching all these players go to work. Yul spelling out his analysis for us at each step was really great. Watching Sandra use her charm so effortlessly again is always a joy to behold. Watching Rob fall back into his element was great. (It was sweet to see that Rob & Amber still really love each other btw). Watching Tyson and Kim scramble on the whole poker alliance fallout was interesting. That conversation between Parvati and Rob was so funny about how the other players should be voting them out.

I’d forgotten that so many of these people won their seasons. I remember rooting for many of them, but I didn’t remember them actually winning. Like Wendell? I remember rooting for him, but he won? I guess it just shows the nature of memory, and how rooting for someone through the course of season is a more lasting memory than just a single moment at the end of the season where a winner is announced. I had the same feeling when I saw Denise and Kim and others.

That was a pretty epic comeback in the second immunity challenge at the end. I’m glad they are doing the Edge of Extinction thing again, I enjoyed the way they set that up last time.

They used to move around a lot. But have pretty much settled in Fiji at this point:

Season 1: Sabah, Malaysia
Season 2: Queensland, Australia
Season 3:Shaba National Reserve, Kenya
Season 4: Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Season 5: Satun Province, Thailand
Season 6: Amazonas, Brazil
Season 7: Pearl Islands, Panama
Season 8: Pearl Islands, Panama
Season 9: Shefa, Vanuatu
Season 10: Koror, Palau
Season 11: Petén, Guatemala
Season 12: Pearl Islands, Panama
Season 13: Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Season 14: Vanua Levu, Fiji
Season 15: Jiangxi, China
Season 16: Koror, Palau
Season 17: Estuaire, Gabon
Season 18: Tocantins, Brazil
Season 19: Upolu, Samoa
Season 20: Upolu, Samoa
Season 21: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Season 22: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Season 23: Upolu, Samoa
Season 24: Upolu, Samoa
Season 25: Camarines Sur, Philippines
Season 26: Camarines Sur, Philippines
Season 27: Cagayan, Philippines
Season 28: Cagayan, Philippines
Season 29: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Season 30: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Season 31: Koh Rong, Cambodia
Season 32: Koh Rong, Cambodia
Season 33: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 34: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 35: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 36: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 37: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 38: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 39: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Season 40: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Edit: Hmm, that’s still 21 different locations in 20 years. Impressive.

Second episode was good. It’s funny how Danni’s paranoia completely changed this week’s vote.

Overall, I’m liking where they’re going with all these fire-token things. It has potential.

I like the way they are giving people on Extinction Island something to do, tying back to players still in the game. Seem like they’re making better use of that island than they did last time, and we’re only two weeks in.

Wow, so that was something. Parvati and Sandra voted out. Yul is the only old school player left in the game now, I think?

Here’s how I thought Sandra’s tribal council would play out:

  • Jeremy would play his get the hell out of TC card, and leave
  • This would make everyone else realize they were in trouble. Sandra would know she gave Denise the idol so she had to vote for someone else, and I think she would have voted for Tony
  • Denise plays Sandra’s idol, and votes for Sandra, Sandra votes for Tony
  • To break the resulting tie, Dawn changes her vote to Tony, and he goes out.

But none of that happened because Jeremy felt comfortable and didn’t play his card, and now Sandra is out. Btw, what a foolish move from Sandra. Right? She’s usually much better at reading people, but she totally misread Denise.

Just saw the episode. Parvati being voted out was not much of a surprise. Sandra on the other hand did surprise me. I too figured it would be Tony for the same reason as Rock8man. I wonder what made Jeremy feel confident enough to hold on to his advantage. I’m guessing Denise let him on on the plan.

If memory serves, didn’t Denise agree to pay one fire token before tribal council, and one after, in exchange for immunity? If so, she stiffed Sandra a token as well blindsiding her!

If that was her plan all along, I can only sit back and applaud.

While watching, both my wife and I were convinced Tony was going to go.

Just got caught up, and I have to agree that this has been a great season. I really thought Rob would make it back in, but I’m OK with Tyson.

But now the others have to go back to Shithole Island again? I can understand why Sandra threw in the towel.

Yeah, it was a smart move on her part, she’s obviously seen the previous season of Edge of Extinction and how it goes.

My only problem with Tyson’s return is that I don’t see a path to victory for him. I see a path to the end for him: ruffle no more feathers and be a vote for willing alliances, but for him to get the victory vote at the end, he’d have to do something spectacular, which is not likely to happen. If Rob had made it back in, he likely would have been voted out again soon after, but if he could have made it to the end, he had a real shot at victory. And I suppose that’s still possible if he makes it at the next shot back in.

It is interesting though that everyone on the Edge of Extinction is a part of the jury this time. So Sandra did miss out on that. Much bigger Jury pool this time around. Actually, now that this just occurred to me, maybe Tyson does have a shot. There’s all these old school players sitting on the jury this time.