Survivor China

Wow, my boy Jean-Robert looked like an out of shape Richard Hatch.

I didn’t think the first episode was very catchy. The contestants are looking more than more like they’re pulled from modelling agencies (which they are), other than a handful of glaring exceptions.

The first contestant voted off had the best reaction ever. Trying to remain vague in case someone hasn’t watched yet.

I’d like to know what JR is trying pull, since it seems pretty brain-dead at this point: “You’re devious. You’re not a flight attendant.” He’ll be voted out very soon if he pushes this hard this early.

My favorite for now is James the Gravedigger (and his mouse, Mr. Jingles) for embarrassing Parkour Boy at his own game, being a hard worker, and for his gentle giant personality.

James the Gravedigger is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. And that’s a quote that hasn’t been used in the English language since 1754

Spoiler below…

OK - raise your hands, how many guys here were in complete fear that the lady wrestler might be voted off, and cheered like crazy when Chicken got the boot? Even my wife said “with boobage like that, Jeff Probst will go in and change the votes to make sure she doesn’t get taken out the first week!”

I understand that they edit hard to give the impresssions desired, but Chicken, right from the beginning, looked like he was setting himself up to get booted. His only chance, amongst all these pretty young things, was to get their acceptance by cheerfully using his supposed outdoors expertise to make them a better hut and thus more comfortable, etc. By standing there and saying “I just don’t care” when they asked his opinion, or “Whatever you decide” when they request his judgement on how to put the hut together or where to build it, he made himself completely disposable.


Jeff, yeah, I was happy too. I wanted to see her compete and see if she’s got anything behind all of that talk and moderately impressive physique. Plus, I can’t complain about breasteses. :P

And yeah, lots of models this year…and lots of people that haven’t watched the show before. Which I kinda like really.

I’m not too sure about the people. Definitely not seeing an Earl yet. He completely made last season for me. Him and Cowboy were a complete joy to watch maneuver through that game. But I LOVE the setting. It’s a beautiful area would almost be worth watching just for that.

Oh, and someone smack that girl that was all, “I didn’t even want meditate and these damn monks made me do it again and again!” And the christian, “I can’t bow here because it’s against my god”, was pretty damn funny.

Next year though, I’d love to have a all star show again.

I rarely watch Survivor but caught this one


That team Chicken was on is screwed. Not a competent person in the bunch and they voted off the one guy, as stupid as he was, who might have helped them survive. The other team seems infinitely smarter and more able. I liked Gravedigger as well. The blond model who would not kneel was great. I am sorry but wrestler chicks copious fake boobs did nothing for me. She can leave anytime. My wife kept saying she was a vampire with those idiotic lip piercings.

He could be Mac Guyver and it wouldn’t do them any good if he wouldn’t pass on any of his knowledge. Though I guess if he kept up the habit of telling people when they were doing something wrong, you could get into the routine of playing “getting hotter, getting colder” with him to figure out how to do things.

Yeah, for some reason he decided he shouldn’t give advice…and then made a HUGE point about not doing it. That was an almost guaranteed trip off.

And you didn’t like the lip piercings? I thought they were cool.

I agree with Graller. I’m in favour of boobage as the next guy, but they look outrageous. Although voting off Chicken made sense, I was guessing PG would have gotten the boot for being so bossy.

I didn’t mind her objecting to being part of the ceremony. What I didn’t like was the dishonesty of her statement: “I’m not a religious person, BUT I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and THOU SHALT NOT WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS!” (Or something like that.) It would have been much more pleasant if she’d quietly stepped out, then told Jeff, “I’m a Christian and I didn’t feel comfortable.”

As for this year’s cast, I usually watch two or three episodes before passing judgment. China’s going to have a tough time topping Fiji, though, what with all that Dreamz craziness and Yau-Man’s unlikely heroics.

I don’t think that was dishonesty though, a lot of Christians like to make the distinction that “genuine” Christianity is not a religion but a personal relationship with Jesus. (You know, as opposed to Catholicism)

Yeah, Fiji was the best Survivor in a good long time. And I’ve seen all but one of the seasons. If this season can get close to it, it’ll be a damn fine season.

I always think the new batch of Survivors is not as interesting as the last but really, it just takes a couple of episodes for their real personalities to emerge.

The poker guy must be a terrible poker player.

The grave digger’s parkour skills are superior to the parkour kid’s. (Did you see how he flipped the latch on the bridges in mid vault?!)

The girl from NYC is an embarassment to New Yorkers.

Aside from the not wanting to participate in a Buddhist ceremony, I’m surprisingly not annoyed by the Christian Radio DJ so far. She actually seemed pretty genuine and nice in this first episode.

The pretty blonde (Jaime – I had to break down and check their names for this one) seems like a potential sleeper on the otherwise pretty terrible yellow tribe.

That’s true. You really didn’t see some of the kick ass players right in the beginning of Fiji.

I think Earl and Cowboi ruined me a bit. They were just so much fun to watch play.

Yes, he is a big lifetime loser. He is largely known for making the final table at one circuit event for the WSOP - he was very charismatic and intimidating at that table, and definitely came across as an entertaining guy.

Most of the poker community is pretty surprised that (a) he is a fat Richard Hatch, since he just looks big and intimidating in a sports jacket; and (b) how dumb and out of his element he seemed on the show.

Matt, I think you’re confusing the Vietnamese-American hippie from a couple of seasons ago (the one that Yul won), with last year’s Yau-Man, who I was really rooting for. But Earl did a great job of balancing all the crazy elements of his alliance, so I didn’t mind seeing him take the prize.

An observation on JR’s little call-out in the first episode: If the gay flight attendant really is as “devious” as JR says he is, would his first reaction really be, “Please don’t tell the others that I’m devious!”?

It’s not so much that JR’s observation was wrong but that good poker players are rarely so gross in their use of such information.

I read the title and thought “Falun Gong internment camp?”.

Yeah, I’m really bad with names. I was confusing Cowboi with Yau-man. Bluh. Earl and Yau-man were the stars of last years show and either of them winning was good by me.

But Yau-man sunk himself when he didn’t pressure old shifty (dreamz) enough. He let him come to the conclusion all on his own. That was a BIG mistake and it cost him the game.