Survivor Heroes V. Hustlers V. Healers


Starts tonight.

I’m looking forward to Survivor:Lions v. Tigers v. Bears, oh my.


No one has any thoughts? OK, then. In no particular order:

I see they brought back the Crazy Black Person, a Survivor staple.

Pull your pants up.

Mom Squad? They don’t look to be more than 5 or 10 years older than the rest of the tribe.

I said, pull your pants up.

Oh good. On-camera puking.

At least the immunity idols don’t look like they were made by kids in a crafts class for Special Needs students this season.

So the person voted off was voted off because…no particular reason?


Right now I’m liking either Peter Parker (the bellhop) or the Dick Doctor (who could turn out to be Cochran 2.0), but that could change, or course.


As usual with Survivor, I watched the first episode, but I usually never get pulled in until later in the season. And this was the same. That guy’s shorts hanging below so that his underwear was visible the whole time, that was truly distracting though. What the hell? Was this episode sponsored by Hayes?


I was thinking at least one of the main, original, younger 4 group would be going home since the one older gal had the special immunity idol and could use it after the votes to either save herself or the other olympian gal.

However, they ended up voting for each other, so she couldn’t very well give her immunity idol away or she would be going home herself. The preview suggested that her and the marine guy were hooking up, so perhaps she figured aligning with that group was her best option at the time. The NFL guy sure is making himself a target so maybe she feels safe for now.


I’m still not feeling it yet this season. I was bored throughout tonight’s episode. That’s one thing I miss about All-Star Seasons. You already know the characters, so you immediately get into it. I’m just not enamored with anyone this season so far.


So far it’s only been OK, but I expect that of the first few episodes. Not enough drama has developed yet to make things interesting.

I’m pretty sure the person voted off would have quit before the end of the game anyway. She didn’t seem that committed.


That was the first enjoyable episode for me. We’re starting to know the characters better now. It’s gotten interesting.


I never get that into it for new player seasons until 6 or so episodes because they normally burn the vast majority of the early screen time on a couple clearly crazy players that aren’t going anywhere.

This season they are doing a better job of actually introducing all the players.


Boy, was he pissed. Good thing he didn’t make it to the jury. I get the feeling that he’s enough of a lunkhead that he would have made a good goat to bring to the end.


Yeah, that was a little scary. I thought they had stopped casting people like that.


I was surprised that the tribe swap was just a reshuffle. They still stayed with 3 tribes.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of relationship between a “couple” on Survivor. She likes him romantically, but knows that he is a terrible Survivor ally and has betrayed her twice. I don’t remember that ever happening before on the show.


Someone needs to tell Cole what “trustworthy” means.


That’s true - it’s a unique situation so far. I wonder if she is really a virgin or if that’s just a TV time role she’s decided to adopt.

This was the first interesting episode for me. I still don’t really like anybody because nobody seems that bright or strategic, but at least there was some decent gameplay. Even if we don’t have any masterminds, it seems like almost everyone is at least playing the game and not just going along for the ride.


At first I thought we were being set up for Ben to be voted off, but now I’m starting to think he’s getting the “winners edit”…


Yeah, we said the exact same thing after the opening. I think that they have become a lot more subtle in the edits in the last few seasons. Or at least they throw in more misdirection. I was sure that they were burning all their good footage of him before he left the game. I still find it hard to believe a player who seems as physically talented, likable, and smart as him could get deep into the game without being a massive target. I guess time will tell. He definitely seems like the kind of player who can win a new player game but would never make it with returning players.


Sorry, I’m not familiar with names yet. I did watch last night’s episode though. Which one is Ben?


The marine


I saw last week’s episode, but I don’t remember it at all. They merged at the beginning of the episode, right? And then what happened?


I suppose Outback is better than a crappy Adam Sandler movie.


That portion made me so hungry for steak. I haven’t had a steak in 3 years. I haven’t had a good steak in 9 years, since I moved out of my brother’s place. Oh man, so mouth-watering.

So it’s no wonder I couldn’t remember what happened after the merge. The merge had only happened in hundreds of previews shown during CBS football games, not on the actual show yet!

I have to admit, this episode really fooled me. I thought I had a pretty good handle on what the editing on this show means by now. Why they show certain scenes, but leave others on the cutting room to build tension for tribal council, and what that means for what’s going to happen. But the swing players went for the opposite team that I thought they were going to go with. Kudos to Survivor for fooling me. That’s not easy after 35 seasons.