Survivorman on Science Channel = Space Rangers 2

Well not really, but I noticed something very interesting. The advertisements for Survivorman on the Science Channel, has some of the same music/sound as part of the Planet Screen in Space Rangers 2… specifically the spacecraft launch window. It’s hard to describe the exact sound/effect music selection - but if you’ve seen/heard the ad for Survivorman and played Space Rangers 2 it’s kind of a winding echoey screech sound blended into the music.

At any rate, anyone watched this show? I’m disappointed each episode just turns into 1 hour program about fasting. I can go 2 weeks without food but it sure as hell doesn’t make me a survivalist. I think if it were 9 days instead of the 7 (in reality it’s only 6.5) he’d probably starve to death.

I think the show is fantastic. That is mostly due to Les being enjoyable to watch. Also the scenarios he puts himself in are interesting to watch how he will survive it.
The one with him stranded on the ocean is pretty crazy.

I didn’t see that one yet. I like the shows a lot better when it’s more abuot building and eating vs. traipsing across the globe. Ironically while I was in the hospital over the last couple of weeks, they changed the preview music.

Yes. I wish it showed a lot more survival skills, and a lot less Blair Witch nighttime camera shots of him shivering and complaining about being hungry. I do not mind that to a degree, to reaffirm how painful and difficult it is. But after enjoying the first show, the last 4-5 that I’ve seen seem to consist of him griping about being hungry, bumbling around and failing to do anything impressive with regard to survival skills, and then being picked up after deciding to walk for two days in some random direction he thinks is toward the objective.

Seriously, out of about 5-6 shows, I think the only time I’ve seen him make it back is the one in the jungle (Costa Rica if I recall correctly). What happened there? He sat on the beach for a couple of days living on coconut milk, bumbled about in a random walk through the jungle for a couple of days, realized that he had no idea of what to do in the jungle, walked back to the beach, and then proceeded to perform the incredibly difficult task of walking down the beach until he came to a village.

Sweet survival skills. I want to see this guy make a radio out of a leftover can of spam and some bird droppings, not sit somewhere for 3 days eating easily available food and complaining about how it’s not enough.