Suspected anthrax mailer commits suicide

Just before the Justice dept was going to file charges.

Guess how he went out. Hint: not anthrax.

Was it Megadeath?

Weird one, if true. Like a Fireman setting fires so he can put them out.

There was a right wing bent to the targets selected by the anthrax letters (sent to leading Democratic Senators, Dashel, Leahey ect), any word if this guy had some political leanings?

Dammit, McMaster, you misspelled Megadeth.

Just remember every motherfucker who says there has been no terrorist attacks since 9/11 is ignoring this. And they should be called ignorant shameless liars every time they try to propagate this canard.

And just so I’m not too amerocentric, there’s also the attack in london and spain.

Yeah, but we didn’t get to bomb anybody because of those, so they don’t count.

While technically correct, most people seem to not consider domestic terrorists the same way as foreign terrorist. We could add the DC sniper if you want to define terrorism broadly.

As for the anthrax case, it is very weird. I can already imagine what the conspiracy theorists are going to claim.


I feel like the phrase “Dammit, McMaster, you…” should be followed by something more epic. McMaster is just a name with such potential. Like: “Dammit McMaster, you let the land-sharks conquer Montana!”

In fact, I’m not sure the ending exists that would do justice to the beginning of that sentence.

Megadeth’s not epic enough for you?

He was a little socially conservative.

Courtesy fark, you can read his letters to the local newspaper. Nothing particularly note worthy, he just comes across as yet another churchgoer writing letters to the editor.


maybe Iron Maiden?

To be fair to the guy, John and Ken and Mike Gallagher all suck pretty hard.

DC madame, after declaring to her mom that she wouldn’t commit suicide, commits suicide.

Anthrax mailer, suspected, commits suicide.

So, did the terrorists win, or what?

Well, it certainly helped the Bush adminstration.

Some random readings of Ivins’ internet postings -

Warning people not to edit his Wiki postings about the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority -

If you remove it again, I will request you to be blocked. Furthermore, I suggest that you sign in with a name. If my additions to this page continue to be removed, then I will begin to add things such as the hazing incident at DePauw, the Kappa chapter being kicked off the University of Maryland campus for drugs, the fact that a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army was a Kappa. I hope that I have made myself clear.

And, it looks like he had plans for someone named Kathryn Price, who was on the reality show “The Mole”

Maybe something really dreadful will happen to Kathryn Price. If so, she will richly deserve it! The least someone could do would be to take a sharp ballpoint pin or letter opener and put her eyes out, to complete the task of making her a true mole!

His super creepy Greekchat profile -

Biography - Rising from the ashes
Location - Hogwarts
Interests - lurking, observing
Occupations - preparing potions

July 7, 2008 he started a thread asking about any sorority affiliation for Price. He was excited to learn a day later that she was a Kappa Alpha Theta. He wrote:

Thanks!!! I have a friend who’s been a big fan of hers ever since “The Mole.” She’d love to meet her, maybe at a book signing or at the opening of one of the movies she’s written or produced. I appreciate the help. You can really, REALLY be proud of her. Did you know that she also finished second in her class at Stanford Law School? Hopefully somebody at chapter headquarters might have some more info on her. What Cindy (my friend) really wants is a picture standing beside her!


I’ve been a HUGE fan of Kathryn Price ever since she was the Mole on Season 1. She was great. I understand that she’s now writing and producing. Can somebody, even one of her sorority sisters at Kansas University, tell me how to reach her? …

I was watching the FBI press conference on this, and a reporter asked if the FBI could address some of the concerns and questions regarding the case’s weak motive, and questionable evidence. Without a word, the FBI agents all left the stage and ended the press conference.

I read through a brief summary of the FBI’s evidence against him, and it was pretty weak. There are certainly incriminating actions, like his submission of the wrong samples, and his taking a vacation just before the attacks. On the other hand, the FBI’s evidence included Ivins’s working late nights and weekends in the lab, which describes pretty much any research scientist’s schedule. Or how he “acted suspiciously” when they questioned him.

I feel uncomfortably like a conspiracy theorist when I say that I’m not sure Ivins was guilty. He seems too much like the perfect scapegoat, an odd, sick scientist with access.